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Justin Bieber Collaborations: List of Artists & Songs

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Over the years, pop sensation Justin Bieber has become a master at defining his sound by collaborating with a constellation of superlative artists, thereby ingraining himself into the lifeblood of pop culture. What’s more fascinating about these collabs is the range. From the fiery hip-hop prowess of Lil Uzi Vert and DaBaby to the smooth-as-butter R&B vocals of Kehlani, and the soulful radiance of artists like Khalid and Burna Boy, Biebs has navigated the vast expanse of the pop soundscape, fusing genres and bending musical norms to his iron will. This isn’t even mentioning the infusions of lilting melodies from Dominic Fike, the electric energy of Travis Scott, or the captivating beats supplied by BloodPop® and TroyBoi.

Yet these collabs aren’t just about star power, but a testament to Bieber’s versatility as a performer and his willingness to push boundaries—not just his own, but that of pop music itself. Few artists manage to stay relevant while continually redefining their sound. Bieber’s resume is a testament to that, a cavalcade of successful musical ventures that have kept listeners perpetually on their toes, waiting with bated breath for his next sonic surprise.

Bieber’s collaborators span a broad spectrum, including:

  • Tori Kelly
  • Chandler Moore
  • Judah Smith
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Ludacris
  • Lil Uzi Vert
  • Nas
  • DaBaby
  • Lil Dicky
  • Boyz II Men
  • Drake
  • Kehlani
  • Travis Scott
  • The Band Perry
  • Rascal Flatts
  • BEAM
  • Dominic Fike
  • Halsey
  • Big Sean
  • Jessica Jarrell
  • TroyBoi
  • Khalid
  • Burna Boy
  • Don Toliver
  • The Kid LAROI
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Post Malone
  • Clever
  • BloodPop®
  • Chance the Rapper
  • Quavo
  • Mariah Carey
  • benny blanco
  • Jaden
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Daniel Caesar
  • Giveon

So let’s get into it. From “Baby” to “We Are,” here are the Top 41 Justin Bieber Collaborations.

35. Where Do I Fit In (feat. Tori Kelly, Chandler Moore & Judah Smith)

A raw and introspective tune, this number delves deep into the Bieb’s struggle to find his place in this world. This collaborative effort with Kelly, Moore, and Smith serves as an emotional venting point, where Bieber carefully unpacks his feelings of solitude and fear. But it’s not all doom and gloom. As the song unfolds, a glimmer of hope breaks through the poignant darkness when Bieber is reminded of a constant love that assures him of his place and worth. The overall narrative of the song is one of reassurance and comfort in the face of turmoil, symbolizing Bieber’s spiritual journey and his resort to faith in overcoming his insecurities. While it might not be a classic pop banger, the emotive lyrics and the sincerity behind them make it a clear standout in Bieber’s discography.

34. Peaches (Remix) feat. Ludacris, Usher & Snoop Dogg

This song is a radiant rework that subtly nods to Bieber’s journey from wide-eyed prodigy to confident pop phenom. Melding downright silky vocals with a dynamite guest verse lineup, the Biebs serves up an unpretentious reimagining of the original “Peaches”. Ludacris brings his signature sharp-witted rhymes, Usher lends his smooth R&B flavor, and Snoop infuses the track with his iconic laid-back rap flow. Their verses aren’t just guest spots, they’re cleverly constructed narratives. Keeping the theme alive, this remix is a flavorful ode to the different places that have shaped the pop superstar’s journey. Instead of the stark realism of the original track, the remix opts for a feel-good narrative, making it as refreshing as a bite into a juicy Georgia peach.

33. There She Go (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Standing as a testimony to Justin Bieber’s evolving musical swag. This collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert sees Bieber taking a ride on the hip hop train, shedding some of his pop persona. The magic lies in the fusion of their distinct styles, striking a balance between Bieber’s infectious melodies and Lil Uzi Vert’s rap dynamism.

The lyrics unfold a tale of infatuation, capturing the moment when Bieber’s object of affection enters a room. They revolve around themes of desire, appreciation for her beauty, and the allure she radiates. Her entrance is compared to the impact of a show-stopping centerpiece, causing heads to spin and jaws to drop, hence the repeating line “there she go”. Lil Uzi Vert’s verse adds an edge of playfulness and highlights his characteristic wordplay.

Overall, “There She Go” serves as a significant nod to Bieber’s genre-expanding exploration, proving his versatility and willingness to team up with unexpected collaborators to create distinctive pop music narratives.

32. We Are

This one delves into the common struggle between a couple who are seemingly on the brink of losing what they are – a deeply connected, loving pair. While Bieber pleads not to let external conflicts destroy their unity, there’s a palpable tension of doubt and insecurity permeating the lyrics. He emphasizes that the truth, despite its potential to hurt, is crucial to maintaining relevance in love. This Bieber joint is also a commentary on ideal love, one that stands strong against societal pressures and naysayers.

Furthermore, Bieber’s lyricism takes us into a realm of confessions, where he boldly reveals his vulnerability. He expresses his yearning for a closer connection, all the while dealing with the unpredictability of the love game. The song gives an intimate peek into Bieber’s approach to love, deepening our understanding of his perspective on relationships. In a nutshell, “We Are” is a musically rich, lyrically deep exploration of love, loss, and the desperate desire to hold onto what truly matters in a relationship.

31. Know No Better (feat. DaBaby)

The lyrics delve into a universe of unwavering commitment where dedication is not just a principle, but an anthem. Bieber and DaBaby weave their words around the theme of love and the inevitable mistakes one makes in the process. Their narrative pushes the notion that love is about embracing imperfections and finding solace in the midst of chaos. Bieber’s lyrical progression celebrates the comfort brought by a cherished one’s presence, a theme amplified by DaBaby’s verse. This is a sonic illustration of staying true to one’s love, no matter what the world throws at you. A fantastic collaboration that showcases both artists’ strengths — Bieber’s tried-and-true pop kinetics and DaBaby’s confident rap delivery, resulting in a tune that easily sits on any playlist that celebrates love in all its glory.

30. Running Over (feat. Lil Dicky)

The song is all about a passionate, borderline obsessive romance that blasts through all senses, hitting you so hard you can’t help but surrender. Bieber uses a clever car metaphor to illustrate how his love interest keeps ‘running over him with her loving’, driving home the impact she’s making on his heart.

Lil Dicky, known for his humorous and self-deprecating approach to rap, provides a refreshing contrast here, grounding the song with his charm and wit. His verse candidly tells the tale of falling in love in the internet age, scrolling back through years of Instagram posts, meanwhile throwing in some hilarious comedic gems, that leave one chuckling and nodding at the relatability of it all.

Together, they’ve delivered a track that’s catchy, cheeky, and oh-so relatable, capturing the thrilling, roller-coaster feeling of new love in the digital age.

29. Right Here

It’s a song of reassurance, where Bieber alludes to the scars of past relationships, offering empathy and understanding. He backs it up too — promising that he’s not just there for the good times, but for the uncertain and difficult ones as well.

This track’s strength lies in its vulnerability and Bieber’s resonating narrative of youthful love. It vibrates with the intense immediacy of emotions that can only come from someone who’s felt the transformative power of love. When Bieber tells his love interest that there’s no one above them, not only is he expressing his prioritization of this relationship, but he’s also emphasizing how much they mean to him. Despite the ever-changing landscape around him, Bieber sings of constancy, echoing the sentiment of ‘being there’ for his partner, providing a sense of safety and comfort that’s often yearned for in relationships.

As the lyrics unfold, “Right Here” reveals itself as a proclamation of unwavering love, a declaration that Bieber will be there, steadfast, no matter what happens — a sturdy anchor in the tumultuous seas of love and life.

28. Get Me (feat. Kehlani)

By choosing to collaborate with Kehlani, Bieber showcases his knack for fusing diverse genres, all the while keeping the essence of his pop roots intact. The song reads like a heartfelt conversation, exploring the unpredictable yet thrilling journey of a blossoming romance. Both artists skillfully articulate the swift shift from apprehension to connection, highlighting the addictive rush of unexpected intimacy. Judging by the lyrics, it’s evident ‘getting’ each other isn’t a mere comprehension of surface personalities, but rather a deep dive into each other’s core essence – an ode to the idea that true connection transcends pretenses and norms. Bieber and Kehlani’s synergy on the track is palpable, their voices blending seamlessly to create a musical narrative that’s as hypnotic as it is relatable.

27. Second Emotion (feat. Travis Scott)

This groovy pop tune is pink-tinged with R&B shades and a dash of hip-hop spice. It’s the type of song that stirs up feelings of infatuation and invites listeners into a world of smitten contemplations. Over a minimalistic beat that gets your head nodding, Bieber and Scott spill their guts about experiencing intense feelings for someone, so much so that they’re left open, vulnerable, and asking if the feeling’s mutual. It’s that classic ‘catching feelings’ scenario, dialled up to a whole new level of intensity. Travis Scott’s verse, with his quintessential autotuned cadence, lends the track a high-octane twist, underlining that all-too-relatable feeling of being overpowered by affection, desire, and a longing to know if it’s a shared emotion. Put simply, “Second Emotion” is an infectious anthem to love’s dizzying head-rush.

26. All Around The World

This specific collaboration features none other than Ludacris, the charismatic rapper adding a potent dose of urban credibility to Bieber’s pop confection. The Biebs cements his status as a global heartthrob, delivering lyrics soaked in romance and youthful charm. He asserts that love, much like the captivating appeal of a catchy pop hook, knows no geographical confines.

The song in a nutshell? It’s a global clarion call for love. Both Bieber and Ludacris croon about how folks, regardless of their corner of the world, share the universal desire to experience love. The beautiful message of human connection, enhanced by the infectious beats and hypnotic melody, make “All Around The World” an undeniable pop anthem and a testament to Bieber’s international stardom.

25. Somebody To Love Remix

It’s a beautifully remixed song that carries forward the classic Bieber pop essence, while experimenting with new elements that keep you hooked. The track is all about the simple, universal human quest for love, and Justin’s lyrics affectionately convey his longing for that special someone.

The lyrics are an earnest plea, underscored by a catchy rhythm that inevitably gets you nodding along. Featuring poetic expressions like “For you, I’d write a symphony” or “For you, I’d be running a thousand miles”, they paint a picture of someone who is ready to go the extra mile for the object of his affection. The lyrics emphasize the need for love above all else, making it clear that materialistic charm holds no candle to genuine love.

In essence, the emotive lyrics, combined with the memorable remix vibes, make it an absolute stand-out in Bieber’s discography; a track that makes you feel and dance all at the same time.

24. That Should Be Me

It’s a narrative of love lost, with the protagonist witnessing his former flame embracing a new partner. Young Bieber, with his tender vocals, breathes life into a tale of unfulfilled promises and shattered dreams, prompting you to revisit those heartfelt memories of teenage heartbreak. As the lyrics suggest, he’s yearning for the closeness he once shared with his ex; longing for that hand-holding intimacy, the shared laughter, and the sweetness of gift-giving. What hits hard here is the rawness of Bieber’s plea, his deep-seated desire to have his love reciprocated once again. To sum it up, “That Should Be Me” is a heart-wrenching testament to Bieber’s early brilliance in expressing timeless human sentiments in his songs.

23. Love You Different (feat. BEAM)

Bieber’s vocal delivery undoubtedly resonates with his original style, while embracing BEAM’s reggae rhythms and patois accent. The lyrical content revolves around the theme of embracing and loving someone for their unique qualities, a sentiment that Bieber confidently expresses with lines about cherishing authentic beauty. The song dedicates itself to the celebration of individuality, where Bieber promises to love “different,” acknowledging and appreciating his lover’s distinctiveness. BEAM’s verse adds a robust flavor with a mix of patois, enhancing the songs rhythmic quality. It’s a vivid painting of romance, promising unwavering love amidst life’s chaos. Bieber’s exploration of a new style proves his adaptability and willingness to experiment with diverse pop influences while preserving his signature sound.

22. Die For You (feat. Dominic Fike)

An electrifying blend of pop and hip-hop, laced with a hint of R&B, creating a space where the urgency of youthful love and the dangers of intense desire collide head-on. Lyrically, Bieber crafts a narrative around a woman who seems both alluringly familiar and excitingly unknown, a stranger to the day’s routine, and yet, someone who makes the darkness feel like home.

Exuding a sense of longing and dedication that’s characteristic of Bieber’s romantic ballads, the song is a pledge of unyielding commitment, with the Canadian pop sensation willing to walk through burning fire for his lover. Bieber paints a picture of a love so potent that even the prospect of death doesn’t deter him. It’s about the magnetic pull of love that leads us to make grand, often perilous promises. A bold declaration of love, “Die for You” serves as a testament to Bieber’s growth as an artist and his ability to navigate diverse musical styles with eloquence and finesse.

21. The Feeling

Delving into the realm of emotional confusion, prompting us to question whether we’re smitten with the person or simply swept up by the high of infatuation. Bieber’s lyrics weave a tale of emotional entanglement – a heart ensnared by the allure of another, its rhythmic beats held captive by the ‘gravity’ the other person exerts. He teeters on the edge of the love-lust spectrum, grappling with the omnipresent sugar on the lips, while trying to decipher if it’s the person or the overwhelming rush that he’s hooked on. The song not only encapsulates the raw, intoxicating power of love but also underscores the deceptive nature of our hearts, laying bare the struggle to find the ‘truth’ in an emotional whirlwind. It’s Bieber’s powerful exposition of the intoxicating paradox that is love.

20. No Pressure

This collab with Big Sean showcases Bieber’s penchant for integrating R&B swagger into his pop finesse. The narrative concoction sees a repentant Bieber gently imploring his muse to reconsider their strained relationship; there’s no rush, no pressure. Bieber’s confessional verses admit past mistakes and communicate an earnest desire to rekindle their bond, effectively evoking a sense of vulnerability and urgency, two contrasting sentiments that ingeniously intensify the emotional resonance of the track.

Big Sean’s rap verse briskly shifts the mood, injecting a dose of reality into Bieber’s romantic aspirations. Sean’s references to relationship struggles and the relentless oscillation between love and conflict are indicative of the track’s profound exploration of complex emotions. The fusion of Bieber’s melodic artistry with Big Sean’s lyrical punch conjure a tapestry of R&B nuances, making “No Pressure” a standout track that frames Bieber’s evolution from a teenage dream to a seasoned player in the pop music landscape.

19. Overboard

It’s a robust emotional outpouring wrapped in a pop tune that showcases young Bieber’s vocal chops. The lyrics depict a romantic relationship on the verge of collapse, with the singer desperately reaching out for a lifeline. He’s ‘overboard,’ drowning in his feelings and needing his lover to be the ‘lifesaver’ that pulls him back to safety. There’s a profound message about discovering the depth of one’s feelings in times of desolation, yet it’s sweetened with the youthfulness of first love drama. And for the Beliebers who’ve been on board since day one, it holds a nostalgic, delicate charm. Bieber navigates through the stormy sea of youthful romance, offering a glimmer of teen angst, raw emotion, and a hint of the maturity his music would eventually embrace.

18. No Sense

With its hypnotic beats and atmospheric synths, it’s a prime example of Bieber’s transition into more mature themes and sounds. The lyrics pivot around the concept that nothing in the world—be it driving fancy cars or being surrounded by stars—makes sense or feels complete without the presence and involvement of a significant other.

Boasting an insistent rhythm and laden with desire, the track encapsulates the power of reciprocal love and the despair that can accompany its absence. It underscores the idea that high-profile experiences and indulging in luxuries can feel empty and meaningless without sharing them with a loved one. Written with a raw authenticity, “No Sense” showcases Bieber’s growth as an artist and his willingness to expose his vulnerabilities—a contrast to his earlier, more lighthearted work.

17. Red Eye (feat. TroyBoi)

Collaborating with the distinguished British music producer, TroyBoi, Bieber ventures deep into the realm of electronic R&B. It’s a testament to love transcending time zones, physical boundaries, and the drowsy haze of jet lag. The narrative unfolds through Bieber’s raw, emotive vocals, painting a vivid scenario of a fast-paced lifestyle and the toll it takes on personal connections. The lyrics intimate at Bieber separating from his partner due to his strenuous lifestyle and yearning to reunite. With an undulating rhythm mirroring the turbulence of the singer’s emotions, the song explores the dejection of separation juxtaposed against the anticipation of reunion. “Red Eye” encapsulates a cinematic exposition of modern love, fuelled by commitment and the constant pursuit of balancing stardom with personal life.

16. As I Am (feat. Khalid)

A beautifully heartfelt narrative, where both artists delve into the raw intricacies of acceptance and unconditional love. The song, devoid of any extravagant production gimmicks, lets the narrative hold the focus.

Bieber’s lyrics embody vulnerability as he struggles with self-doubt and past mistakes, expressing a deep introspective conflict. He channels his yearning for acceptance, his fear of pushing love away, and the remorse that evolves from it. Khalid’s husky voice complements the tale, adding another dimension of emotional depth.

Ultimately, “As I Am” serves as an anthem of reassurance, underscoring the power of love that stays strong despite flaws and distance. It’s a testament to the resilience of intimate connections in a world filled with imperfections. This song is not just a collaboration, but a genuine emotional exploration that resonates with many, reminding us that we’re all worthy of love, just as we are.

15. Loved By You (feat. Burna Boy)

Fueled by Bieber’s aching vulnerability, the song delves into the complexities and torment of longing for love that is stubbornly elusive. The lyrics spell out a tale of self-doubt, desperation, weakness, and an unquenchable thirst for affection. Bieber admits to being the architect of his own misery, trapped in an endless cycle of self-loathing and desire for change.

Burna Boy, on his verse, adds an extra layer of depth, bringing in elements of a long-distance relationship and technology-mediated affection. He perfectly complements Bieber’s internal struggle with a more external narrative about love. Together, they take us on a heartfelt journey that reflects the universal human craving for acceptance and love.

The song showcases Bieber’s maturation as an artist, painting a touching portrait of love and yearning, attesting to his adaptability in the ever-evolving pop music panorama.

14. Honest (feat. Don Toliver)

A refreshing collaboration that showcases Justin Bieber’s versatility. The song brings together two different styles – Bieber’s characteristic pop and Toliver’s unique rap style. It’s all about authenticity, attraction, and gripping emotions in relationships. The lyrics speak to the concept of idealizing and appreciating a partner who remains real, modest, and totally honest from the start. The narrative takes us through a vivid display of passion and devotion, with a pleasing mix of romance and sensuality.

Bieber’s buttery vocals are perfectly offset by Toliver’s deep tones, creating a contrasting yet synergistic auditory experience. Then there’s the basketball metaphor, likening the intensity and precision of romance to a dunk shot that’s destined to make the bucket. It represents a relationship that’s powerful, exciting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Bieber’s nod to the love interest being the “sun in his morning” illustrates a dependency and an insatiable longing that’s underscored throughout the track. It’s a song that’s honest, it’s raw, and unmistakably Bieber.

13. Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)

A stirring confession of internal battles with anxiety and self-doubt. The Kid LAROI’s edgy, raw vocals complement Bieber’s familiar silky tones as they explore themes of self-war, instability, and the quest for inner peace. They detail the journey from despair to salvation through the unwavering love of someone who stayed when they felt most unlovable. Through this cathartic anthem, they create a safe space for conversations about mental health, making “Unstable” more than just a song, but a testament to resilience in the face of emotional turmoil. It’s a moving narrative where failure to trust oneself is countered by the saving grace of love- an anthem to the broken, celebrating survival, and the power of steadfast love.

12. As Long As You Love Me

This epic collaboration with Big Sean is all about love’s triumph over adversity. What could be more quintessentially pop? Justin turns a critical lens on society’s pressures and mirrors it against a raw, yet universal, love. He positions the amorous attachment as a sanctuary in an otherwise cruel world, essentially saying, “Hey, as long as you’re here, I can take on anything.” Even though the struggle’s real, he’s got that Biebervellian optimism that’s proven so infectious over the years. The lyrics essentially paint a picture of unfaltering commitment in the face of dire straits. He’s talking about being broke, homeless, starving, but as long as there’s love, there’s a way out. And frankly, if that ain’t quintessential pop romanticism, I don’t know what is. A key track that showcases Bieber’s enduring appeal and knack for spinning love stories that resonate with the masses.

11. Forever (feat. Post Malone & Clever)

This track, from the 2020 album ‘Changes,’ lays bare the permanence of love and the struggle of maintaining relationships. A fusion of pop, trap and R&B, “Forever” sees Bieber wrestling with his romantic insecurities, fear of betrayal and the constant anxiety of losing love. Malone and Clever add their lyrical prowess to the mix, each exploring the complexities of love in their unique style. Clever’s silky voice paints a picture of romantic commitment against a backdrop of fame and wealth, while Malone’s verse brings raw honesty, infusing the track with palpable emotion. It’s a raw, unfiltered perspective on love that only the Biebs, with his rollercoaster love life, coupled with Malone and Clever’s candid narratives, could deliver.

10. Friends (with BloodPop®)

But Bieber brings a unique twist, confronting the awkwardness head-on and openly pondering the feasibility of a platonic relationship after the romance has fizzled. Lyrically, Bieber’s questions provide a narrative backbone as he checks in on the mundane yet intimate details of an ex’s life, suggesting an undercurrent of unabated concern despite the dissolution of their romance. It’s a loaded inquiry, buried under the veneer of casual curiosity, but nonetheless potent. The lyrics obliquely reference Bieber’s own history of on-again, off-again romances, but the genius lies in its relatability. Whether it’s seeking closure or holding onto slivers of a past relationship, “Friends” resonates with anyone who’s navigated the messy labyrinth of post-breakup dynamics.

9. Holy (feat. Chance The Rapper)

The lyrics are heartfelt expressions of faith and love, as the Canadian pop sensation portrays his relationship as a sanctified bond, glanced through a religious lens. His persona in the song is that of a sinner seeking redemption in the arms of his love. The lyrics are rich with spirituality and religious symbolism, casting love as a divine force purifying one’s heart.

Chance The Rapper, known for his gospel-infused hip-hop, brings in a verse that further deepens the song’s spiritual resonance. His lyrics echo that love is a journey filled with trials, but the promise of faith and commitment elevates it to a divine experience. He extends the religious allegory by comparing life’s challenges to biblical scenarios, asserting his belief in God and the sanctity of marriage.

8. Intentions

It’s a heartfelt ode to women who don’t need no filter because they’re drop-dead gorgeous, they’re killers. With words like “Shower you with all my attention” and “Heart full of equity, you’re an asset”, Bieber pledges his unflinching support, expressing his intention to be there for his partner without needing any pretense or external validation.

Joined by Quavo, the song navigates the spectrum of a healthy, balanced relationship – it’s “fifty-fifty” in Bieber’s words. Acknowledging mutual understanding and commitment, it celebrates the peace and joy of having a partner who gets it – no explanations needed. So here’s to Bieber, reciprocating the love with his intentions, and making us believe in the power of mutual respect and adoration in relationships once again.

7. Lonely (with benny blanco)

The lyrics offer a poignant commentary on the duality of Bieber’s life; the dissonance between his global recognition and an intense sense of loneliness. The veil of Bieber’s teenage sensation days is stripped back, revealing a darker reality of being on the pinnacle of stardom from such a tender age. He reminisces about his younger self who was criticised and scrutinised for his mistakes in the open glare of the public eye, all whilst navigating the tumultuous journey of adolescence. “Lonely” is a heart-rending self-portrait, capturing a poignant truth about our society – that fame and wealth do not equate to happiness or validation, and that loneliness can exist even in the most crowded of spaces.

6. Never Say Never

The track is a testament to the persistent spirit and determination of these young stars, both figuratively and literally. Thematically, it’s a battle cry against ever giving up, pledging to fight ’til forever, whatever the odds.

The lyrics paint a narrative of resilience and fortitude. Bieber talks about walking through fire, taking the burn, and reaching a point of no return – a reflection of his early career struggles. The ubiquitous chorus is a pledge to never back down, promising that whenever he’s knocked down, he won’t stay grounded.

Meanwhile, Jaden mirrors Justin’s sentiments and throws in sport and Star Wars references, symbolizing overcoming difficulties. The song, in essence, is about defying the odds, standing tall, and never saying ‘never’ – a reminder that no matter the circumstance, perseverance is key.

5. Intentions (feat. Quavo)

This track showcases the Biebs in a heartfelt mode, singing candidly about his admiration for a woman who’s got it all—beauty, brains, and independence. The vibe is refreshingly positive, with a focus on the strength and resilience of the woman in question rather than the typical themes of heartbreak or unrequited love. Quavo brings in a dynamic rap verse that complements Bieber’s smooth vocal delivery, adding depth to the overall tone of the song. The lyrics celebrate a woman who doesn’t need affirmation from others, who is self-sufficient and, as Quavo raps, “don’t wanna be independent”. This captivating anthem to female empowerment and mutual respect makes “Intentions” a stand-out entry in Bieber’s extensive collaborative discography.

4. Confident

This collaboration with Chance The Rapper weaves a narrative about a woman whose self-assured attitude and captivating demeanor have caught Bieber’s attention. Bieber’s vocals glide effortlessly over intoxicatingly rhythmic beats, expressing the gravitational pull he feels towards this enigmatic figure. The lyrics allude to this woman’s allure, emphasizing her dynamic qualities – “She’s confident” – and the irresistible mystery she embodies – “What’s your nationality? I wonder if there’s more of you”. Chance’s cameo adds a sharp contrast with wordplays and pop culture references packed into his verse.

Throughout “Confident,” Bieber delivers the narrative of emotional dependency and the heart-racing thrill of the pursuit. His fixation and addiction towards the central character can be inferred from lines like “Feels so good damn, and I don’t know why, I’m addicted”. This enigmatic woman is a passion, a curiosity, a challenge – all imprinted through a soundtrack of catchy beats and intoxicating rhythm.

3. Beauty And A Beat

It’s an anthem for the Instagram generation, a testament to a world where everything and everyone is on display. Essentially, it centers around flaunting your beauty, enjoying the finer things in life, and letting go of worldly concerns to just live in the moment. Bieber’s infectious energy and youthful exuberance permeate through the song, heating up the dance floor like a Ferrari doing donuts. And then there’s Nicki Minaj, with her fierce verse that adds a touch of rawness and edginess to the track. The lyrics project a youthful optimism, encouraging listeners to seize the night and live as if there’s no tomorrow. Now, that’s a party!

2. Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)

With low-slung, velvety chords and a steady, driving beat, the track has a laid-back, languid groove that feels like sunny California itself. The lyrics wax poetic about sensual connections, love, and the simple pleasures of life, like getting peaches from Georgia or weed from California. It’s an ode to the comforts of home and genuine sources of happiness, with a special shout-out to Bieber’s love life, his woman being the North he cherishes. The Bieb’s intoxicating blend of vulnerability and bravado here leaves no doubt that he, himself, is a source of light. The repeated references to geographical locations underline the depth of the emotional journey he’s taking us on. In all, “Peaches” is a smooth celebration of life’s joys, both big and small, and finding your own slice of paradise.

1. Baby

The tune got us all hooked, our hearts throbbing to the rhythm of young love, infusing every speaker from school hallways to shopping malls. The lyrics encapsulate the innocent angst of first love, laying bare the vulnerability of the Biebs as a young artist. The song sketching the tale of heartbreak and longing is a teen melodrama condensed into a slickly produced earworm. JB audaciously professes his love, demands attention, and navigates the rough seas of heartbreak, all while keeping us grooving. The iconic cameo by Ludacris in the bridge provides a flavor of street-smarts, injecting seasoned hip-hop wisdom into the green marrow of Justin’s youthful pop narrative. Candid, catchy, and spectacularly relatable, “Baby” is an enduring testament to Bieber’s impressive knack for turning youthful emotion into pop anthem gold.

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