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Drake’s Top 25 Singles: Feel the Groove

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They don’t call him “Champagne Papi” for nothing. Scorcher on the charts and breaker of hearts, Drake’s got the pop music scene on lock. Eclipsing the likes of King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and the ever-mesmerizing Madonna, his reign is undisputed. Clean lyrics, raw talent, and that Drake special – if you know, you know. Oozing songwriting prowess, each track is a story waiting to get unwrapped. Dude’s got the Midas touch, from “Started from the Bottom” to the Grammy-winning “Hotline Bling”, he’s got your heartbeat syncing to his rhythm. Drizzy ain’t all glitz though. Had his share of knocks – big Papi got bruised. Broke the web with that Rihanna fiasco, ‘member that? Ringside at the NBA match, world watching, heart on the line. Fans were shook. Then came the beef with Pusha T, spitting fire, airing dirty laundry. Yet, like the Phoenix, Aubrey rose, turning sorrow into sound. “Scorpion” dropped, world went wild – talk about a comeback! All said and done, Drake’s a game changer. Dropped those “Certified Lover Boy” hints, got the world on tenterhooks. That’s Drake for ya, always leaving us wanting more. Oh, what’s next from our 6 God? Brace yourselves, fam. His beat goes on…

25. Slime You Out (feat. SZA)

Featuring SZA, this collab is a very recent drop in 2023 racking up the streams.

24. The Motto

Chart-defying rapper Drake shook up the scene with his banger, “The Motto.” The track, lifted from his sophomore album “Take Care,” gave birth to the infamous phrase “YOLO” (you only live once). The ethos of living in the moment, encapsulated in a catchy, vibrant beat, created a cultural phenomenon overnight. Drake’s lyrics, injected with raw honesty and emotional depth, showcase his signature style. His introspective wit resonates deep, as he reminisces about fallen companions and the volatile nature of success. The featured verse from Lil’ Wayne heats things up, cementing its spot as a timeless party anthem. Love it or hate it, “The Motto” is straight-up addictive and remains a defining moment in Drake’s career, proving that music, lyrics, and a catchphrase, can indeed make history. YOLO, anyone?

23. Feel No Ways

Entering the scene with a distinct blend of nostalgia, Drake’s “Feel No Ways” is a slick journey through love turned sour. The catchy tune from the chart-smashing album ‘Views,’ is boombox-ready with an 80s-vibe synth that keeps you pressing the repeat button. Drizzy paints a picture of a relationship that’s lost its spark. His candidness and emotional vulnerability in this track is what sets the Champagne Papi apart in the rap game, and dang, he’s good at articulating feels. Rocking the expression of guilt and regret over the stagnancy of a relationship, this jam hits where it hurts. The Toronto rapper’s introspective lyrics suggest an emotional standstill, a situation many fans have bumped through headphones during late-night contemplation. An inverse to the arrogant braggadocio common in rap, Drake proves that sometimes, less bravado and more emotion hits harder.

22. Best I Ever Had

Drake captured hearts with his breakout single, “Best I Ever Had.” You feel the raw emotion, the depth of unfiltered affection, as Aubrey swings from flexing his lyrical prowess to serenading his lady love. With words like “Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on,” he brought romance back to rap, flipped the script and sent fans swooning. “Best I Ever Had” became a megahit with its catchy hooks, and as the lead single from the mixtape, “So Far Gone,” it solidified Drake’s spot in the annals of hip-hop. This record was a game-changer, propelling Drake to the forefront of the industry. As you groove to this tune, you can’t help but feel the raw emotion, the unmistakable Drake charm that got us all hooked. Stay tuned for the next jam in our line-up.

21. On BS

Another track from the Her Loss album, it’s one of many from that epic record that’ll feature in this list for sure.

20. Pussy & Millions (feat. Travis Scott)

When there’s three greats teaming up, Drake, 21 Savage and Travis Scott, this is what you get!

19. Headlines

Boom! That’s Drake serving up raw emotions on his hit single “Headlines.” Emotion is the new gangsta in the rap game and no one does it better than our boy, Drizzy. Issued as the lead single from his sophomore album “Take Care,” Drake dives deep into stardom’s heavy pressures, spilling his heart on the beat. “Headlines” got us all vibing to its paradoxical upbeat rhythm, while soaking in Drake’s lyrical dissection of fame. It’s almost like therapy session-Drake. Drizzy’s confessional lyricism mixed with his storytelling artistry makes us all feel like part of his posse. We feel his feels, ya know? No cap, “Headlines” left a permanent mark on pop culture, making the emotional rawness of the rap game Drake’s playground. What a banger, fam!

18. Pain 1993 (with Playboi Carti)

“Pain 1993” is a deep dive into Drake’s repertoire. This tune, featuring Playboi Carti, is part of Drizzy’s chart-topping mixtape, “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”, and it’s as raw as they come. With a hypnotic beat and confessional lyrics, it’s classic Drake – introspective and moody. Carti adds an extra layer of complexity, mirroring the melancholy vibe. There’s a sense of nostalgic pain, offset by the bragging rights of their success. It’s like Drake’s wearing his heart on his sleeve while flexing his diamond-encrusted wristwatch. With “Pain 1993”, Drake brings the feels, and it’s a trip. Grab your headphones, hit the lights, and prepare for a journey to the centre of Drake’s emo-rap universe. And by the end, you might feel like you’ve been through the wringer, too. But ooh boy, it’s worth it.

17. Slime You Out (feat. SZA)

I must admit, “Slime You Out (feat. SZA)” left me scratching my head—seems like this track doesn’t belong to Drake’s diverse discography. As a seasoned music journalist, I’m thrown off a bit. But hey, the Champagne Papi continues to surprise us, doesn’t he? So, at this point, I’m unable to give a thorough rundown on this elusive track. If it pops up in the future, I’ll be here to dissect it, promise! For now, let’s keep grooving to the established hits like “God’s Plan,” “Hotline Bling,” and the emotionally charged “Marvin’s Room,” that truly mirror Drizzy’s lyrical brilliance. He still remains the 6 God we’ve all pledged our sonic allegiance to. Until the next one, fam!

16. Trust Issues

No stranger to an outpour of emotions, Drake’s “Trust Issues” is a testament to the artist’s uncanny ability to transform vulnerability into a bop. This 2011 hit, initially intended as a reference track for fellow music titan Justin Bieber, sees Drizzy grappling with the weight of fame and the subsequent paranoia seeping into his relationships. His lyrics, drenched in melancholy and an almost palpable distrust, are artfully layered over a soft and hypnotic beat, creating a hauntingly beautiful paradox. But what seals the deal is Drake’s raw, edgy delivery – every syllable drips with authenticity, painting a lucid picture of this struggle-filled journey. With “Trust Issues,” Drake left a clear message – he’s here to spill tea, serve looks, and do it all while making you bob your head. It’s a poignant ballad from Champagne Papi’s repertoire, propped on a pedestal by countless followers. Even while ending, the echo of ‘trust issues’ lurks, ready to reverberate in the next hit.

15. Nonstop

“Nonstop,” off Drake’s chart-topping album ‘Scorpion,’ is the man flexing his muscles. Minimal beats, maximum swagger, Drizzy’s flowing nonstop, showcasing that signature combination of confidence and vulnerability. Dude’s spittin’ hot fire about life on top, but not without a hint of that token Drake introspection. Ain’t Apollo without a bit of Achilles, know what I mean? Hit lyrics “I just flipped the switch, flip, flip” have taken on a life of their own, thank TikTok for that. Yet, its deeper layers allude to Drake’s personal journey from Degrassi to rap star – and the haters at every turn. Emotional? You bet. Drake’s laying bare the struggle beneath the success. In “Nonstop,” it’s about the rise, the grind and staying ten steps ahead, even when the world’s on your tail. That’s Drake, always flipping the switch, nonstop.

14. Wants and Needs (feat. Lil Baby)

Drake and Lil Baby team up once again for “Wants and Needs,” an audacious highlight from Drake’s star-studded EP, “Scary Hours 2.” Oozing with contemplative bars over a hellishly gritty beat, Drake shows why he’s the ‘6 God,’ while Lil Baby’s fiery verse is a pleasant reminder of his lyrical prowess. The tune delves into Drake’s conflicting yearns and requirements– a play between morality and hedonism, if you will. Drizzy drops candid lines about his relationship with faith, love interests, and his well-known beef with Ye. In an industry where brag rap is commonplace, it’s tracks like these that make Drake stand apart. With his introspective lyrics and unwillingness to hide his vulnerability, he gets you in your feels every time. Straight from Toronto, Drake’s “Wants and Needs” proves he’s still on his grind, showing no signs of slowing. On to the next one!

13. Nice For What

Drake hit us with raw emotion and female empowerment vibes in 2018’s summer anthem “Nice For What”. Sampling Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor”, the track flipped the switch on his usual brooding contemplations. Women worldwide hailed it as their “got my life together” theme, with a catchy refrain that goes straight to squad nights out and Instagram captions. The music video? A star-studded affair of successful women in their element, from Misty Copeland pirouetting to Issa Rae bossing up in a conference room. Drake stepped back, letting these women’s power shine. “Nice For What” ain’t just a bop, it’s Drake pivoting from introspective lovelorn crooner to an ally celebrating women. Yep, 6ix God showed he’s not just about the heartache but can dish out some solid self-love advice too.

12. Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon)

“Chicago Freestyle” is Drake pouring his vulnerable, real emotions into a single. Teaming up with Giveon, it’s like he stands in the middle of a spectral, windy city, his words drifting away in the cold air. On the surface, it’s a throwback to his early-career in the limelight and late-night encounter vibes, but peep beneath, and you’ll find Drake wrestling with his fleeting fame, questioning the cost. Intricate and evocative, it forms part of the “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” mixtape, which hit the streets in May 2020. Giveon’s deep, resonant voice ditches the pop glitz for a more somber tone, a perfect backdrop to Drake’s lyrical introspection. The pair serve up a brooding, atmospheric track that’s raw, relatable, and supremely Drake. It’s the 6 God at his most contemplative, his verses brushing against the ebb and flow of fame and fortune, before the Chicago winds carry them away.

11. Spin Bout U

From the 2022 album Her Loss, Spin Bout U has a unique vibe.

10. Knife Talk (with 21 Savage ft. Project Pat)

Drake, in his classic form, surprises none and thrills all in the track, “Knife Talk (with 21 Savage ft. Project Pat)” off his recent album, “Certified Lover Boy”. The banger boasts grimy lyrics and showcases Drake’s penchant for rapper collaborations that garner respect in the rap community. 21 Savage and Project Pat join Drizzy, laying their verses over a dark, gritty beat that feels fresh and nostalgic at the same time. The song gets straight to the emotional point, tackling themes of violence and survival. Though it’s not Drake’s most emotional work, it’s a testament to his ability to narrate street tales with honesty and empathy. All in all, “Knife Talk” is cold, edgy, and an intoxicating sonic ride into the night. Brace yourselves, it’s sharp as a blade!

9. Teenage Fever

“Teenage Fever” is a gem off Drake’s 2017 playlist, More Life. This mid-tempo joint is Drake in his feelings, serving up those signature emotional vibes. Spinning a tale of lost love and longing, Drizzy samples J-Lo’s iconic “If You Had My Love,” stirring nostalgia and adding a layer of complexity to the narrative. Rumor has it, the track was a homage to a brief romance with J-Lo herself. Like, wow, way to spill your heart out, Aubrey! “Teenage Fever’s” appeal lies in its relatability – who hasn’t been lovesick and a little desperate? Drizzy elevates the common experience, making every heartache feel like a music video moment. The whole track is a mood, a reflective escape that resonates with lovers, dreamers, and Drizzy stans. Now, excuse me while I rewind that playlist, ‘cos in the words of the man himself, “this s*** feels like teenage fever.”

8. On The Radar Freestyle

Brewing up further collabs, this one with Central Cee is racking up the streams in 2023.

7. Search & Rescue

The hit single of 2023, rising through the charts – a likely #1 candidate soon.

6. Passionfruit

“Passionfruit”, from Drake’s 2017 mega album “More Life,” spins a tasty tropical vibe that got the youth hitting rewind. The Canadian rapper’s smooth flow twirls around a breezy house beat, making it a certified banger in clubs worldwide. Drake, a.k.a Mr. Emotional, doesn’t shy away from exposing the raw turmoil relationships can bring, and “Passionfruit” is no exception. His lyrics cut deep, breaking down how distance and mistrust can rip love apart – pretty heavy stuff for a track you can’t help but sway to! However, it’s the relatability of the heartache Drake dishes out that keeps fans coming back. “Passionfruit” is a classic Drake track, blending melancholy and motivation, keeping it real with listeners while heating up the dance floor. You can always count on Drizzy to deliver feels with your beats.

5. Fair Trade (with Travis Scott)

Drake’s emotional resonance comes swinging in “Fair Trade,” a joint effort with Travis Scott, off his sixth studio album, “Certified Lover Boy.” Here, Drake delves into personal sacrifices for the sake of peace, casting his classic blend of braggadocio and vulnerability. Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s fiery verse adds a raw intensity that perfectly balances out Drake’s introspection. The beat is a slick fusion of lo-fi and trap, creating a moody backdrop for both artists’ introspective lyrics. The line, “Feeling young, but they treat me like the OG,” is a testament to Drake’s relentless presence in the music biz. It’s a real heart-on-sleeve jam. With its symbiosis of introspection and swagger, “Fair Trade” doesn’t just cement Drake as a hip-hop powerhouse, it also affirms his status as a lyrical poet for the modern era.

4. God’s Plan

Drake dropped “God’s Plan” in early 2018 and the world went berserk. This track, off the ‘Scary Hours’ EP, packed helluva emotional punch – it was like Drake donned his heart on his sleeve and hit record! High on soul, it highlighted his journey, rife with struggles, and ultimate ascension to dizzying heights. Drizzy’s lyrics got us like, “She say, ‘Do you love me?’ I tell her, ‘Only partly'” – now that’s some bruised love stuff right there! The music video? Iconic! Drake splurging on strangers, doling out stacks of cash, paying for groceries, and more – a beautiful testament to giving back. Ain’t no other rap god pulling stunts like these! “God’s Plan,” a phenomenon that still reverberates in our hearts, Drake’s charisma serving as the catalyst. Hits you right in the feels, innit? Catch you on the flip side, Drizzy!

3. Rich Flex

Teeing up with 21 Savage, Rich Flex is yet another top track.

2. One Dance

Drake’s “One Dance” is pure tropical sonic goodness, straight from his 2016 album “Views”. With its grabby Afrobeat influence, people were wildin’ out, poppin’ moves like nobody’s business. Even the more, how do you say, rhythmically-challenged? Whatever, you know what I mean, suddenly found their groove. This track’s got magic. It’s like the pied piper, drawing crowds on the dancefloor, a heady mix of syrupy vocals, rhythmic bass, and soulful lyrics. Drizzy captivates with his emotional storytelling about romance and its complexities. “Grips on your waist, front way, back way,” he croons, and ladies swoon. Did it shoot up the charts? Oh, you bet. Did it catch flak? For sure. Critics called it an oversimplified representation of vast and varied Afrobeat culture, but really, who’s keeping score? At the end of the day, “One Dance” is a straight-up banger that’s got us all hooked!

1. Jimmy Cooks (feat. 21 Savage)

The absolute banger, pick of the bunch featuring 21 Savage, this tune will leave you vibing and going for repeat.

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