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Call him Tim Bergling or Avicii – his addictive hooks and euphoric beats transcended all boundaries. His influence is indelible in the realms of EDM and pop music, with chart-busting hits like “Hey Brother,” “Levels,” and “Waiting For Love.”

The iconic Swede’s music was a genre-blurring exercise, weaving together deep house, folk, and pop. While “Wake Me Up” is renowned for its blending of electronic and folk, “The Nights” showcased Avicii’s talent for creating anthems primed for festival fields and late-night dancefloors alike. His songs carved out the sound of a generation, an echo that will resonate long into the future.

So let’s get into it. From a chart-topper to an overlooked gem, here are the Top 5 Best Avicii Songs of all time.

5. Hey Brother

This track sees Avicii flirts with country music with a hint of bluegrass, partnered with EDM anthemics. Truly a bold move, and divisive amongst fans. The lyrics speak volumes about familial bonds ‘n’ solidarity, and an unyielding commitment to be there for each other, rain or shine. It’s a song about believing in love and unity, even when times get tough. It echoes the belief that even if the sky falls, you’ve got a ‘brother’ or a ‘sister’ you can count on. Even though it’s ranked last on our list, it’s still a testament to Avicii’s innovative and trailblazing spirit, daring to blend genres and experiment in a world that can often be rigid and orthodox.

4. Levels

The lyrics, while repetitive, capture a universal sentiment of euphoria and optimism. They paint a picture of those rare moments of bliss and contentment that suddenly hit us, making us feel invigorated and alive. The song sets these feelings to a beatscape of soaring synths and pulsating rhythms that have become signature elements of Avicii’s sonic palette. It propelled him to superstardom and affirmed his ability to create infectious melodies that resonate with listeners worldwide. “Levels” isn’t so much about telling a story through words, but about shaping emotions through sound—a classic Avicii move that marks it as one of his standout tracks.

3. Waiting For Love

The track probes into an exploration of resilience, and patience in the pursuit of love. The song’s lyrics evoke a journey through every day of a week, creating a narrative arc that speaks to the ups and downs of life. Waiting for love, as it tells, isn’t just a frivolous anticipation, but a deeply emotional voyage filled with brokenness, hope, open arms, and perhaps, some dancefloor-ready escapism on a Saturday night. Despite the happy-sounding arrangement, the lyrics underline a sense of melancholy making this song an exemplary fusion of music and emotion, where Avicii was a true maestro.

2. The Nights

It’s a brilliant homage to youthful exuberance, wild ambitions, and the culminating life-altering experiences that shape who we become. The song dives into the realm of bold assertions given by a father to his child. He encourages the young one to live fiercely, embrace their passions and carve out a memorable life without fear. It’s an anthem for those seeking to live vivaciously, resonating with Avicii’s own free-spirited ethos. This song packs a punch, and it’s no surprise its popularity skyrocketed globally. But the depth it carries in its lyrics is what truly sets it apart, echoing Avicii’s knack for blending infectious beats with substance. So live a life you will remember, indeed.

1. Wake Me Up

Fusing folk and electronic music, Avicii eschewed traditional boundaries to synth up an entirely new sonic landscape. The track beautifully captures the restlessness of youth and the pursuit of self-discovery, all conveyed through lyrics that expose a vulnerability and uncertainty in the face of an unpredictable journey. “Wake Me Up” is Avicii’s testament to stretching beyond the limitations, daring to dream, and living in the moment. It’s a pop culture behemoth that has transcended parties and festivals to become a soundtrack of our collective desire for freedom and a hymn to our shared sense of wanderlust.