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Justin Bieber, the heart-throb prince of pop, has a flair for teaming up with other iconic figures in the music landscape, creating an explosive blend of sound, rhythm, and lyrical wonder. From the dulcet tones of Kehlani’s butter-smooth voice in “Get Me” to the unique blend of Travis Scott’s intense style in “Second Emotion”, Bieber knows how to pick his musical comrades. Renowned for his bountiful partnerships, Bieber has dipped his toe into the vibrant pools of various genres, surrendering to the magnetic pull of hip-hop with Lil Dicky in “Running Over”, and embracing the new wave of R&B, aided by the silky, swoon-inducing vocals of Daniel Caesar and Giveon in the balmy, golden hit “Peaches”.

Here’s a list of artists that Bieber has featured with:

  • Lil Uzi Vert
  • Lil Dicky
  • Kehlani
  • Travis Scott
  • Dominic Fike
  • TroyBoi
  • Khalid
  • Burna Boy
  • The Kid LAROI
  • Don Toliver
  • Post Malone & Clever
  • Chance The Rapper
  • Quavo
  • Daniel Caesar & Giveon

Bieber’s collaborations drip with creativity, each track standing strong as its own innovative pop monument, while also contributing to the ever-changing landscape of contemporary pop music. So let’s get into it. From the rhythmic flow of “There She Go” to the earthy melody of “Peaches”, here are the best of Justin Bieber’s collaborations.

14. There She Go (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

On the surface, this track might seem like a straightforward love song, but don’t be fooled, my dear pop devotees. There’s a redemptive undertone here, a narrative of past mistakes and a yearning for change. While Bieber’s vocals are on point as always, Uzi, I’m afraid, is the weak link in this endeavor. His verse stands out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way, disrupting the song’s fluidity. “There She Go” misses the mark on being a seamless artistic fusion but is a commendable effort nonetheless. Don’t get it twisted though; it’s just that these two mammoths of pop and rap didn’t gel well in this outing.

13. Running Over (feat. Lil Dicky)

Bieber experiments with a rhythmic, pulsating beat as he warbles about a love that’s taking over his consciousness, and Lil Dicky chimes in with his characteristic wit and self-deprecating charm. Yet, it lacks the punch expected from such a quirky pairing. “Running Over” comes off like a half-baked pop experiment rather than the revolution it promised to be. The single, while undeniably catchy, lacks the weighty, transformative impact of Bieber’s best work. It’s a bit of a missed opportunity given the talented figures involved.

12. Get Me (feat. Kehlani)

“Get Me (feat. Kehlani)” Pairing Justin Bieber’s pop sensibilities with Kehlani’s soulful crooning can feel like a dream for music aficionados, and “Get Me” is a track that beautifully marries these ingredients. Dropping amidst Bieber’s comeback album ‘Changes’, the track is a slow-burning R&B jam that’s drenched in lush synths and ear-pleasing harmonies. Yet it never quite matches the pop potential of Bieber’s most seasoned hits. On the upside, Kehlani shines with her effortless vocals, adding depth to the composition. Truly, the collaboration is less about Bieber’s contribution and more about Kehlani’s prowess, making some question whether it stands as his collaboration or hers. This disconnect holds “Get Me” back from reaching higher ranks in Bieber’s collaborations pantheon.

11. Second Emotion (feat. Travis Scott)

Bieber’s effortless pop hooks meld effortlessly with Scott’s trap-infused verses, creating a synergy that’s ear-candy for both pop and hip-hop fans. You can almost feel the chart dominance in the making when Bieber croons the hook and Scott takes the mic. The song might not be the pièce de résistance in either of their discographies, but their musical camaraderie makes it a brilliant experiment in genre-blurring. It’s a testament to Bieber’s ability to ride the wave of musical evolution without losing his pop essence—an ability that’s kept him not just relevant, but ahead of the game. All hail Bieber’s audacious move of inviting the Scott storm into his pop kingdom. It’s a Roulette that hit jackpot.

10. Die For You (feat. Dominic Fike)

A sweet piece of candy floss spun together with Fike’s indietronica style, it grabs the hearts of both “Beliebers” and hardcore indie heads alike. What’s so refreshing? It’s the way that this collab pulls Bieber out of his silky-smooth pop lane and dunks him into the realm of alternative spirit with Fike as his guide. However, for some, the song dips too often into dated pop-punk clichés. Despite these criticisms, “Die For You” remains enjoyable, forming a bridge between pop and indie and showing that Bieber indeed thrives even under the weight of genre experimentation.

9. Red Eye (feat. TroyBoi)

The song’s got edge, but it doesn’t quite reach the ether, you feel me? It’s like Biebs wanted to flirt with the edgier side of pop but held back just enough to stay in the familiar territory. TroyBoi’s beats add a modern twist; it’s just a shame the lyrics don’t quite match that energy. This track shows Justin trying to push the envelope of his sound, but it ends up being more of a tease than a fully realized experimental venture. It’s a decent effort, but when you’re Justin Bieber, “decent” just doesn’t really cut it, does it?

8. As I Am (feat. Khalid)

Known for his pop-soul charm, Bieber is always game for an audacious experiment, and here, he threads the needle between Khalid’s introspective sensibility and his own, steering the song into a soul-baring territory. This track isn’t just a casual drive down the pop lane – it’s a deliberate detour into unfamiliar terrain, featuring a Bieber who is unafraid, unguarded, and unabashedly himself. Yet, while “As I Am” is a commendable effort in its pop-infused confessionals, it does teeter on the edge of being somewhat formulaic, echoing a familiar theme among many of Bieber’s introspective anthems.

7. Loved By You (feat. Burna Boy)

We’ve seen Biebs play around in the dancehall sandbox before, but there’s something so raw and genuine about this Afrobeat-tinged melodic venture. Burna Boy, with his rhythmic effervescence, compliments Bieber’s emotive vocal delivery perfectly, creating a heartfelt balance on this track. However, the track craves for something more—it’s an appetizer begging for a main course. The collaboration, while exciting, could have used more experimental flair, a touch less caution. However, it is an undeniable testament to Bieber’s genre-bending abilities, and to Burna Boy’s knack for finessing diverse international sounds. A solid effort, no doubt, but one that shouts for bolder exploration.

6. Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)

It’s a sonic hairpin turn from Bieber’s usual radio-friendly fare, dipping its toes into the crowded pool of emo-pop. With TikTok phenom, The Kid LAROI, on the assist, Bieber’s velvety vocals surrender to young LAROI’s gritty delivery, underscoring the thematic tension of emotional instability. This bumping track may not be peak-Bieber but it shows off his willingness to experiment, to wade outside his comfortable pop kingdom. “Unstable” is an eclectic detour in Bieber’s discography, away from the polished pop lane, a journey worth appreciating.

5. Honest (feat. Don Toliver)

The Biebs, ever the crooner, perfectly complements Toliver’s atmospheric and temperamental style, creating an absolute earworm of a banger. This isn’t your typical pop offering – it’s a boundary-pushing gem, exploring the deeper implications of honesty in a relationship. It’s not Bieber’s most celebrated collab, sure, but when it comes to pushing the envelope, “Honest” gets right in the thick of it. Props to both lads – they’ve served up a subversive slice of pop ear-candy, no doubt. The mark of a true pop pioneer is the willingness to take risks, and on “Honest,” Bieber does just that.

4. Forever (feat. Post Malone & Clever)

This track, off Bieber’s 2020 album “Changes,” is a solemn vow to eternity. The synergy between these artists is undeniable, serving a mishmash of Post’s brooding intimacy, Bieber’s signature heartfelt crooning, and Clever’s eerie emotive harmonies. It’s a fascinating exploration of their respective sonic worlds, clashing and coinciding in an echo of commitment and deep-running emotion. Say what you want about the Biebs and company, but they sure know how to weave a web of raw, punch-in-the-gut feelings wrapped in catchy beats. This is pop’s power; it’s emotional manipulation at its finest.

3. Holy (feat. Chance The Rapper)

The Biebs finds an ideal collaborator in Chance the Rapper, exploring the spiritual undertones in both their lives and the intersection of faith with their musical journeys. Chance’s spitfire verses perfectly complement Bieber’s honey-dripped vocals – it’s a duet delivered with divine intervention. But it doesn’t stop there; the track’s gospel-infused pop sound, combined with its powerful lyrical narrative, is a testament to their will to push boundaries in the pop music realm. While it’s an unorthodox theme for a pop song, these two navigate it with such finesse that it feels natural. Not just a collaboration, more a communion of talents.

2. Intentions (feat. Quavo)

To describe this track as just ‘catchy’ would be selling it short. What Bieber presents is a litany of spun-sugar hooks laced with Quavo’s trap-influenced beats. This 2020 piece of pop art is a lovesong that isn’t bashful about being a lovesong, celebrating the beauty of his partner with a syrupy thick layer of adoration. But don’t dismiss it as a saccharine delight; underneath the surface this track serves as a clever critique of societal expectations on women. It’s Bieber at his best, spinning out golden threads of pop with his favourite beatmaking buddy, Quavo.

1. Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)

“Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)” We’re kicking off our list with a bang – and a peach, no less. Repping that Earthy California vibe like it’s second nature, Bieber teams up with Daniel Caesar and Giveon to craft a chartbuster that’s as smooth as silk, conjuring up ripe imagery of love and life under the Golden State sun. It’s a groovy, understated jam that allows all three artists to shine in their unique ways. Bieber, ever the chameleon, assimilates into the groove, while Caesar and Giveon hold their own with their soulful tones. It’s a masterclass in pop collaboration – one where each piece compliments the others, resulting in one juicy concoction. However, don’t get too cozy, this is merely the tip of the Iceberg.

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