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Meaning of ‘Supernatural’ by ‘NewJeans’

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Released: 2024

“Supernatural” by NewJeans dives deep into the thrilling and mystical journey of falling in love, where everything feels both destined and magical. It expresses the emotions of getting one more chance at love and the excitement that comes with it, blending languages to highlight the universality of these feelings.

The song kicks off with an invitation to embark on this journey, setting the scene on a stormy night under a cloudy sky—a perfect metaphor for the confusion and chaos before love strikes. As the lyrics progress, “One more chance, 너와 나 다시 한번 만나게 서로에게 향하게” translates to “One more chance, you and I, to meet each other once again”. This line captures the essence of hoping for another shot at love, emphasizing the deep, natural connection between two people.

The chorus, “I gotta see the meaning of it,” reflects a yearning to understand the deeper significance of this connection. The repetition of not knowing what they’ve done or been sold, yet refusing to go back, suggests a fearless leap into the unknown aspects of love, driven by faith in their hearts’ guidance. When they blend English with Japanese and Korean, it’s not just about mixing languages. It’s about showing how love’s power transcends borders, making the whole experience feel supernatural.

As the song nears its climax with “It’s supernatural,” it outright declares the magical quality of their love. The lyrics, “거짓말 안 할래, 너도 말해. Attention we should pay, to what is coming through,” convey an earnest desire for honesty and attentiveness towards the blossoming love, recognizing its clear, undeniable presence. The mention of sitting next to you with love being crystal clear illustrates the moment when love is no longer just a feeling, but a presence that’s almost tangible, shining like the “Golden moon, diamond stars” under which they united.

In wrapping up, “Supernatural” by NewJeans is more than a pop song; it’s an anthem celebrating the enchanting and profound journey of falling in love. It’s about embracing the moments that feel predestined and reveling in the deep connections we share, all wrapped in a melody that feels just as magical as the love it describes.

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