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Meaning of ‘Solid’ by ‘MUNA’

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Released: 2022

At its core, “Solid” by MUNA isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem celebrating the strength and independence of a person, specifically from the perspective of someone who admires these traits in their partner. The lyrics weave a narrative of admiration for someone who isn’t just a passive presence but a solid, unyielding figure in their own right.

Breaking it down, the opening lines draw a clear boundary against viewing the subject as an object or a mere reflection of someone else’s desires. “She is not a screen on which you project” and similar lines emphasize her individuality and substance, setting the stage for the powerful chorus that hammers home how solid she really is. The repetition of “She’s so-so-so solid, yeah, yeah, yeah” is more than just a catchy hook—it’s the declaration of her undeniable presence and strength.

Beyond the affirmations of her solidity, the song delves into vivid imagery to describe her character. Comparing her to “a bullet in between your eyes” and “a pearl coming out the shell” underscores her impact and the way she’s forged her path with resilience. These lines celebrate her capability and the intentional life she leads, suggesting she’s not someone to underestimate.

The latter part of the song, “She’s making a plan, she’s taking it higher,” shifts focus slightly to her ambitions and intellect. It’s not just about her being physically or emotionally solid, but also about her strategic and forward-thinking approach to life. The lyrics here paint a picture of a woman who is not only determined but is actively working towards her goals, “using her hands,” “checking the levels,” and “using her mind.” It’s a nod to her competence and the meticulousness with which she approaches her endeavors.

Overall, “Solid” by MUNA is a powerful ode to a partner who embodies strength, determination, and intelligence. The song’s relentless repetition and assertive tone serve to cement the idea that the person in question is unapologetically substantial—a force to reckon with, both in love and life.

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