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Meaning of ‘Roses’ by ‘The Chainsmokers’

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Released: 2015

Features: ROZES

“Roses” by The Chainsmokers, featuring ROZES, isn’t just a pop anthem with a catchy tune; it’s a deep dive into a whirlwind romance that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. At its core, the song talks about an intense love that changes everything, making the mundane magical and the common, exceptional.

The opening lines, “Take it slow, but it’s not typical / He already knows that my love is fire,” set the stage for a love story that’s unlike the norm. Here, the relationship doesn’t follow the usual slow burn; it’s intense and passionate from the get-go, symbolized by the metaphor of love being fire. When she mentions, “His heart was a stone, but then his hands roam / I turned him to gold and it took him higher,” it’s clear that her love has the power to transform; a heart once cold and hard turns precious and sought-after, elevating both their spirits. It’s a nod to the idea that love can change us for the better, taking us to heights we never imagined.

The chorus, “Oh, I’ll be your daydream, I’ll wear your favorite things / We could be beautiful / Get drunk on the good life, I’ll take you to paradise / Say you’ll never let me go,” speaks to the dream-like state of their love. It’s about embracing each other’s ideals and desires, finding beauty in the connection, and indulging in the happiness it brings. The repeat of “Say you’ll never let me go” serves as a plea for this moment and feeling to last forever, highlighting the fear of losing such an intense connection.

The verses that follow, “Deep in my bones, I can feel you / Take me back to a time only we knew / Hideaway,” and the imagery of wasting the night with old films and a laid-back, carefree lifestyle, underscore the intimacy and personal world the couple has created. It’s a sentiment many can relate to – finding that special someone who makes you feel at home, to the point where doing nothing feels like everything, as long as you’re together.

Ultimately, “Roses” captures the essence of a transformative love that begs to be held onto indefinitely. It’s about finding paradise in someone’s presence, the kind of love that makes you plead, “Say you’ll never let me go.” Whether it’s the gold metaphor or the shared hideaways, the lyrics weave a tale of love’s power to elevate the mundane, making “Roses” a tribute to the kind of love everyone hopes to find.

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