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Meaning of ‘Rockstar’ by ‘LISA’

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Released: 2024

In “Rockstar” by LISA, we dive headfirst into a world where swagger, luxury, and the rebel spirit mesh together to define what it means to be a rockstar in today’s pop culture. LISA confidently proclaims her dominance in the music scene, bridging gaps between genres, cultures, and lifestyles with effortless cool and an unapologetic sense of self.

The song kicks off with an image of gold teeth sitting on the dash, an immediate signifier of wealth and a carefree, rebellious lifestyle that’s synonymous with rock stardom. LISA flaunts her ability to blend genres, suggesting she can even make your favorite singer want to rap, highlighting her influence and versatility in the music world. When asked if she can teach Japanese, her response, “はい, ない” which means “yes, yes” in English, not only showcases her multilingual skills but also her willingness to share her culture, further adding layers to her rockstar persona.

Through the verses, LISA paints a picture of a globetrotting lifestyle full of adventure, luxury, and a bit of mischief. Phrases like “been on a mission, boy, they call me catch-and-kill” and “stealin’ diamonds, make them chase me for the thrill” showcase a life lived on the edge, constantly moving, and always keeping one step ahead. The mention of being MIA (Missing in Action) in BKK (Bangkok, Thailand) and every city feeling like “my city” speaks to her global appeal and the universal love she receives wherever she goes.

The choruses are a bold reassertion of her rockstar status, repeating the notion not as a hype but as a fact of life for LISA. She knows the impact she has on her audience, confidently stating it’s “not hype, hype, baby, make you rock-hard,” indicating her music’s ability to deeply move and excite her fans. The invitation to “make a wish” and the casual mention of jetting out of big cities “like a ponzu” (a light, citrus-based sauce used in Japanese cuisine) subtly highlight her lifestyle’s lavish and carefree qualities.

In a whirlwind of fame, fashion, and fast living, LISA’s lyrics are a bold declaration of her place in the music industry. She doesn’t just perform; she lives the rockstar lifestyle to its fullest, crossing cultural boundaries and setting trends. From her references to luxury brands and international jet-setting to embracing her identity and influence, “Rockstar” by LISA encapsulates what it means to lead and redefine the pop scene with undeniable charisma and confidence.

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