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Meaning of ‘Physical’ by ‘Dua Lipa’

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Released: 2020

Physical by Dua Lipa is a pop anthem that champions an electrifying connection between two people, pushing the limits of a common love to something extraordinary and invigorating. Dua Lipa invites listeners into a world where love is both a playground and a battleground, dazzling and full of life, where the mundane fades away in the light of a dynamic relationship.

The song kicks off with a declaration that ordinary love just doesn’t cut it for them. “Common love isn’t for us. We created something phenomenal.” Here, Dua Lipa sets the stage for a love that’s unlike anything else, something that makes both parties feel “diamond-rich,” a slang for feeling incredibly valuable and radiant. This kind of love is rare, precious, and unmatched, indicating that nothing on Earth can compare to the high of being in such a relationship.

As the pre-chorus rolls in, “Who needs to go to sleep when I got you next to me?” Dua Lipa tosses away the need for rest, suggesting that being with her partner is more rejuvenating and thrilling than sleep could ever be. The idea of “rioting” all night implies a wild, carefree adventure with her lover, solidifying a bond that’s both supportive and exhilarating. The repetition of “come on” is a rallying cry, urging her partner to dive deeper into this physical and emotional escapade.

Then, the chorus hits with “Let’s get physical.” Here, she’s not just talking about getting closer in a physical sense; it’s a call to immerse fully in the experience of being with each other, to keep on dancing as if there’s no choice but to surrender to the rhythm of their love. It’s a metaphor for the intensity and energy that defines their relationship, encouraging a complete abandonment to their feelings.

Into the second verse, Lipa explores the idea of adrenaline and simulation, hinting at the rush and the fantasy-like aspect of their love. “Adrenaline keeps on rushing in, Love the simulation we’re dreaming in,” showing that their relationship is a constant source of excitement and feels almost too good to be true, yet it’s the life she prefers over any other.

The subsequent pre-chorus and chorus amplify these themes, embedding the idea of this relationship being an all-encompassing, captivating experience. As the song progresses towards the bridge, the intense desire to hold on just a little tighter speaks volumes. It’s a plea for persistence, a call to embrace the moment fiercely, and a reminder of the readiness to keep the dance of their love going.

By the end, “Let’s get physical” becomes more than just a chorus; it’s an anthem for a love that’s unabashedly passionate, deeply connected, and perpetually in motion. Dua Lipa crafts a narrative that transcends the physical realm to touch on the emotional and spiritual unity between two individuals, making Physical a modern ode to love’s power to move and inspire.

In summary, Physical by Dua Lipa is not just a pop song; it’s a compelling invitation to explore love’s depths, its intensity, and its capacity to fill life with unparalleled joy and excitement. It’s about choosing to embrace the rush, the noise, and the rhythm of being together, proving that when two people connect on such a profound level, the world around them simply fades away, leaving nothing but the dance.

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