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Meaning of ‘Lobster Telephone’ by ‘Peggy Gou’

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Released: 2024

“Lobster Telephone – Edit” by Peggy Gou dances through themes of repetition, connection, and the ordinary extraordinariness of life’s moments. At first glance, it’s a mesmerizing blend of Korean lyrics and electronic beats that might leave you puzzled, but look closer, and you’ll find a narrative exploring the universal sameness of human experiences, intertwined with personal anecdotes.

The song kicks off with a contemplation on the uniqueness yet troubling aspects of a relationship, encapsulated in the lines “유난히 무사히 / 우리가 또 나쁜 사이요” (Particularly peaceful / We are in a bad relationship again). It hints at the cyclic nature of certain relationships, where despite apparent peace, the underlying issues remain unresolved. The reference to “우리의 와이파이 / 푸른 날의 무엇도 곧 내 삶이요” (Our WiFi / What of a blue day is soon my life) could be seen as a quirky way of highlighting how modern connections (like WiFi) become integral to our lives, symbolizing the invisible threads that bind us.

Then comes the repetition of “똑같애 다들 똑같애” (It’s the same, everyone’s the same), echoing the sentiment that despite our differences, the core of human experience is universal. This mantra-like repetition serves both as a critique and a comfort, suggesting we’re all navigating through life’s turbulence with similar fears and joys.

Through Peggy Gou’s lens, everyday elements like wi-fi and the ordinary act of growing older (“무사히 푸른나이” – Safely in my blue age) are interwoven with the idea of dreams (“유난히 꿈들이” – Particularly dreams) and an acceptance of not understanding everything (“세글짜 이해 못 하겠지만” – Three-letter can’t understand), perhaps alluding to life’s mysteries and our quest for meaning.

The simplicity in lyrics contrasts with the complexity of the song’s woven electronic beats, illustrating how life, too, can be both straightforward and intricate at the same time. Despite the confusion and the seemingly nonsensical moments (think of the surreal “Lobster Telephone” by Salvador Dalí, which the song title nods to), there’s a rhythm and pattern to life’s chaos.

Ultimately, “Lobster Telephone – Edit” through its hypnotic repetition and peculiar contrasts, delivers a bold statement on the human condition. It’s a call to embrace the ordinary, find connectivity in our shared experiences, and perhaps, find comfort in the fact that in many ways, we are all the same. Peggy Gou brilliantly captures this sentiment, reminding us that amidst the sea of life’s complexities, our shared humanity keeps us connected, just like dots in a circle, endlessly looping back to each other.

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