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Meaning of ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ by ‘Coldplay’

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Released: 2015

In “Hymn for the Weekend” by Coldplay, we’re taken on a sonic journey that explores themes of love, euphoria, and transformation. The lyrics weave a tale where love is both a lifting force and an intoxicating drink, painting a vivid picture of how love can change one’s perspective and elevate one’s spirit.

Right off the bat, the repetition of “drink from me” sets the song’s tone, using drinking as a metaphor for experiencing love and joy deeply. This act of sharing a drink becomes a symbol of sharing life’s experiences, suggesting that love is something to be consumed and enjoyed. The phrase “that we shoot across the sky” conveys this feeling of being so full of love and happiness that you feel unstoppable, almost as if you’re flying.

The transformational power of love is highlighted when they sing, “Oh, angel sent from up above, You know you make my world light up. When I was down, when I was hurt, You came to lift me up.” Love is portrayed as a beacon of hope, a force so powerful it can turn despair into joy. Here, love is not just a feeling but a healing and uplifting substance.

The chorus, “Got me feeling drunk and high, so high, so high,” speaks to the euphoria love brings. It’s a creative way to describe being in a state of happiness and exhilaration that love induces, likening it to the feeling of being ‘high’ on the emotions that the connection brings. This feeling is so intense that it’s compared to the physical effects of alcohol or drugs, emphasizing how love can alter one’s state of mind and perception.

Finally, the song closes on a note that celebrates the all-consuming power of love with “Let me shoot across the sky,” suggesting a desire to remain in this elevated state of bliss. It underlines the idea that love has the capacity to set one free, allowing them to reach new heights of happiness and fulfillment.

Through “Hymn for the Weekend,” Coldplay encapsulates the transformative and elevating effects of love and happiness. The song serves as a reminder of love’s power to heal, uplift, and transcend ordinary experience, propelling us into a state of pure joy and exhilaration.

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