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Meaning of ‘Higher’ by ‘Burna Boy’

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Released: 2024

“Higher” by Burna Boy is a vibe, a declaration, and a journey through hustle, reality, and aspirations. With a blend of Pidgin, English, and Yoruba, this song showcases Burna Boy’s signature Afro-fusion sound. It dives deep into themes of perseverance, gratitude, and the dream of a better life amidst the challenges.

Right from the start, Burna Boy sets the scene with a call to his ancestors, “Look me daadaa”, signaling respect and a readiness to take on the world. His reference to “my dreadlocks are longer” is not just about hair; it’s symbolic of growth, wisdom, and time spent in the struggle to make it. When he says, “I know say right now na my time, I no go waste am, rara”, it’s clear he’s aware of his moment to shine and won’t let it pass by unused. The mention of “Hennessy na bastard” hints at the complexities of life, where even the sweet escape of alcohol comes with its own set of problems.

The chorus, “Make me go higher”, is a heartfelt plea for elevation, not just in terms of success but in personal growth and overcoming life’s hurdles. Burna Boy expresses a desire to rise above, both metaphorically and literally, with his ambition and emotions reaching new heights. The phrase “I no wan manya” (I don’t want to falter) underscores his determination to stay strong and focused.

Yet, the song doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the harsh realities of the streets – “It’s full of snakes and spiders”. This line paints a vivid picture of betrayal and danger lurking around every corner. The reality that a “wrong move” could have dire consequences, including causing pain and sleepless nights for one’s mother, is a stark reminder of the stakes involved in chasing success.

In a turn towards hope and gratitude, the lyrics remind listeners to “Count your blessings one by one”. It’s a call to acknowledge the good amidst the struggles and to realize that the opportunity to lift one’s voice in prayer and song is a blessing in itself. The repeating of the desire to go higher in the chorus emphasizes relentless ambition and the spiritual journey towards achieving one’s dreams.

“Higher” by Burna Boy is not just music; it’s an anthem of resilience, survival, and the undying hope for a brighter future. Through his masterful blend of languages and raw storytelling, Burna Boy gives voice to the shared dreams and daily realities of many, making this track a powerful piece of art that resonates with listeners far and wide.

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