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Meaning of ‘Heart Attack’ by ‘Demi Lovato’

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Released: 2013

Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” is a powerhouse anthem that dives deep into the vulnerability and fear of falling in love. It showcases the inner tug-of-war between wanting to keep one’s guard up and the overwhelming feelings that come with deep affection for someone. Lovato brilliantly captures the complexity of opening up emotionally, fearing the potential pain, yet longing for the connection.

At the start, the lyrics “Putting my defenses up, ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love” lay the groundwork. Lovato is clear. She’s built walls to protect her heart, terrified that letting someone in could lead to devastation. The metaphor of having a heart attack speaks volumes—it’s not just about fear, but an intense physical reaction to the thought of vulnerability. She’s been self-assured and untouchable in love, always in control like a player with no game challenging enough. But with this person, it’s different. Her confidence wobbles, and suddenly she’s contemplating dresses and heels, traditional symbols of femininity she previously shrugged off.

The chorus belts out the heart of the message. The repeated lines “I think I’d have a heart attack” don’t just describe fear; they illustrate the acute stress of feelings so strong they’re physically overwhelming. The line “Never had trouble getting what I want, But when it comes to you, I’m never good enough” reveals her vulnerability and self-doubt in this love game, contrasting sharply with her usual self-assuredness. Lovato isn’t just singing about love; she’s describing a battle within herself, fighting between maintaining her cool and succumbing to the dizzying highs love presents.

As the song progresses, it dives deeper into this emotional chaos. “The feelings got lost in my lungs, They’re burning, I’d rather be numb” highlights the sensation of being overwhelmed, where the intensity of emotion feels suffocating, almost preferable to feel nothing than confront the torrent of feelings for this person. The imagery of “I’m flying too close to the sun” is a nod to the myth of Icarus, suggesting Lovato recognizes the danger in her vulnerability, the risk of getting burned by her emotions, yet she’s drawn irresistibly toward them.

By the end, the repeated declarations of potential heart attacks serve as a mantra of fear and longing, capturing the essence of a heart caught between the thrill of love and the terror of its consequences. Lovato delivers a powerful message on the realities of falling in love: it’s risky, frightening, and can feel like the ultimate act of bravery. Through “Heart Attack,” she connects with anyone who’s ever felt the terrifying precipice of opening up to someone, making it a relatable, powerful anthem.

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