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Meaning of ‘Apple’ by ‘Charli XCX’

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Released: 2024Features: Charli XCXIn “Apple” by Charli XCX, there’s a deep-dive into the complexities of personal identity and relationships, wrapped in catchy electro-pop beats. Through its chorus and verses, Charli XCX explores how we see ourselves in others, especially in close relationships, and how sometimes, we need to break away to find clarity.

The line “I guess the apple don’t fall far from the tree” opens the song, dropping us right into a conversation about how traits and behaviors are passed down through generations. Charli plays with the idea that looking at a significant other or close person for too long can start to mirror our own image back at us, making us reflect on our identity. She then flips this with “I wanna throw the apple into the sky,” signifying a desire to break free from these inherited patterns and expectations.

As we move through the chorus with repeats of “To the airport, the airport,” the airport becomes a symbol for escape, a place from where you can fly away from everything familiar. The repetitive nature of these lines imitates the feeling of being stuck in a loop, craving a way out.

In the second verse, Charli XCX talks about the apple turning “yellow or green,” introducing the idea that people and their emotions are complex and changeable. She acknowledges the desire to hold onto the good parts, “keep all the seeds,” but frustration bubbles up with the recognition that communication often fails. This feeling is almost a plea for understanding, wrapped in the metaphor of wanting to plant and grow, but instead facing anger.

Then comes a turning point with “I think the apple’s rotten right to the core,” where the song delves into the realization that some issues are deeply ingrained, poisoned by past generations. Splitting the apple “down symmetrical lines” reveals a scary truth about ourselves and our relations, pushing the narrative towards a need for self-reflection and, possibly, self-reconstruction.

The repetitive lines about driving “all night” and questions like “Do you know where you go when you’re feeling alone?” open up a dialogue about searching for solace, identity, and understanding, both within ourselves and in those we are close to. It’s about the journey to find peace within the chaos of inherited issues and the roles we play in our relationships.

Charli XCX uses the metaphor of an apple to weave a story about the complexities of personal growth, the struggle with familial and relational expectations, and the journey toward self-discovery and independence. “Apple” isn’t just a pop song; it’s a reflection on the human condition, identity, and the constant push and pull between staying and leaving, between inheriting and choosing a different path.

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