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Meaning of ‘Alright’ by ‘Victoria Monét’

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Released: 2023

Victoria Monét’s “Alright” speaks volumes about empowerment, independence, and confidence. The song dives deep into the idea of self-worth and not settling for less than one deserves, especially in relationships. It’s a celebration of feeling good in one’s own skin and making choices that reflect that self-assurance.

The first verse introduces us to the situation: “He gave me some dick in bed/Now he think his dick is embedded”. Here, Monét is talking about a guy who, after a casual encounter, has perhaps gotten a bit too confident or attached. When she says she’s about to leave his text on read and let him know that she read it, it’s her way of asserting control and not being easily swayed or impressed just because they’ve been intimate. This is a kickstart to the theme of not letting someone else dictate your worth or how you should feel after a moment of intimacy.

The chorus, “I’m gon’ be on my shit tonight/No one on my hip tonight/’Cause I got this feeling life’s alright, alright”, is an anthem to self-reliance and enjoying life on one’s own terms. “No one on my hip tonight” signifies that she’s choosing to be independent, not tied down or clinging to someone else for her happiness. This section of the song pumps up the idea that feeling “alright” doesn’t depend on anyone else but yourself.

As the song progresses, Monét introduces the notion of being seen as “a ho” but redefines it as “immortal”. This is a powerful reclaiming of the narrative, turning what’s meant to be an insult into a badge of honor that signifies freedom and invincibility. The repeated emphasis on not needing someone else to feel confident or to have a good time – “Might not even hit you when I’m in your city” and “You won’t even get a picture of these 4K titties” – further underlines the message of self-empowerment and setting your own standards.

The repeated “Alright, alright” throughout the song serves as a mantra, reinforcing the notion that everything is going to be okay as long as one stays true to themselves. It’s a declaration that she’s doing great on her own and doesn’t need anyone’s approval or presence to validate that feeling. The simplicity and repetition of the word “alright” encapsulate the overall vibe of the song – a chill, confident assertion of independence and self-worth.

In “Alright” by Victoria Monét, we’re given a masterclass in self-empowerment and independence wrapped in catchy beats and straightforward, impactful lyrics. The song doesn’t just speak to romantic relationships but to any situation where one might feel diminished or undervalued. It’s a reminder that at the end of the day, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, and as long as that’s solid, everything else will be, well, alright.

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