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The Storyline in ‘Something To Give Each Other’ by ‘Troye Sivan’

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Hot damn, if you thought this record was just a splice of addictive hooks and electro rhythms, you’re in for a real treat! Sivan unfolds a narrative soaked in emotional honesty, layered metaphors, and a tinge of the universal human experience. From the melancholic reflection in “What’s The Time Where You Are?” to the empowering narrative of “One of Your Girls”, Sivan’s versatility in storytelling takes center-stage.

A staple of his repertoire, Sivan’s “In My Room” paints an intimate picture of solace and vulnerability, while fun-flavored “Silly” playfully flip-flops between humor and heartache – only to solidify his eclectic range. “Baby, Got Me Started”, a sexy, synthy fiesta, finds Sivan embracing his tantalizing musical progression, subsequently making us groove and grieve in the same breath.

Now, hold up! What’s all this without talking about the love-soaked “Honey” and the introspective “How To Stay With You”? Late-night thoughts wrapped in silky melodies, these tracks underline Sivan’s maturity as an artist, and his knack for penning reflective, relatable lyrics.

So let’s get into it. From the rhythmic romp of “Rush” to the stunning sonic journey of “Can’t Go Back”, here we breakdown the lyrics on the whole album “Something To Give Each Other” by Troye Sivan.

1. Rush

Sivan weaves a vivid tapestry of passion with the song’s pulsating beats serving as the backdrop to the electric thrum of two bodies in sync. The lyrics “Big communication, tell me what you want” and “Translate your vibration, let your body talk” all play into this sense of intimate connection that transcends mere words. These lines richly communicate an understanding of love and desire that is both deeply personal and universal.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the song is the unabashed celebration of sexual and romantic intimacy, depicted through Sivan’s raw lyricism. The lines, “Trust the simulation, don’t you let it break / Every stimulation promise I can take,” suggest an openness and urgency in love, encapsulating the yearning that resides at the heart of all human connection. “Rush” serves as a bold, unabashed representation of the all-consuming power of affection and attraction, firmly entrenched in Sivan’s discography as a lush testament to young love.

2. What’s The Time Where You Are?

It’s a pulsating pop tune, seething in its longing and riddled with international references. The artists deliver the storyline of being separated by miles – no, continents – and the desperate curiosity he feels about his lover’s current state. It’s about distance, literally and figuratively, and that raw yearning that comes when you’re so far away from the person you wish was right next to you. Sivan, in his typical introspective flair, infuses the narrative with subtle yet potent imagery, like “Tokyo just hit me like a wave”, and “International straight shot to my heart”. The song perfectly parades Sivan’s knack for combining heartfelt intimacy with infectious pop beats that will undeniably hook you in.

3. One Of Your Girls

The lyricism leaps out as an honest confession of unrequited love, teasing the unfathomable idea of being “one of your girls.” Sivan masterfully paints the picture of a protagonist pining for an elusive love interest, an entity so captivating they ought to trademark their face or insure their waist. The line, “Face card, no cash, no credit” delivers a poignant commentary on the superficiality of appearance-driven recognition.

Yet, throughout the song, Sivan doesn’t shy away from displaying vulnerability. Phrases like “Give me a call if you ever get lonely” and “Give me a call if you ever get desperate” convey a willingness to be there, without any pretences, even in the love interest’s dire straits. This song is as much an exploration of unadulterated devotion as it is an analysis of the complexities of desire.

4. In My Room

The lyrics display a teenager’s inner turmoil as he grapples with feelings of desire and infatuation that don’t quite add up to concrete reality – “Maybe it’s just admiration, copulation, or adoration, no defense, infatuation.” His confessional bravado is tinted with irony, underlining the tumultuous terrain of young love. There’s a clear dichotomy present between the messiness of his feelings and the almost childlike wish to keep his imaginary world untidy because it’s more comfortable – “And I leave it like an unmade bed. Oh, I don’t wanna clean up yet. Keep it messy, messy, messy.” Overall, “In My Room” paints a vivid picture of teenage angst and the struggle of untangling one’s feelings amid the whirlwind of growing up.

5. Still Got It

The song delves into the lingering effects of a past relationship. Troye is unapologetically raw, expressing his continued longing despite the passing time. The ‘bowl cut’ his ex loved becomes a haunting reminder, an echo of a bond that once was, leaving Troye staring at his own reflection with an uncomfortable familiarity.

Geographic references like Australia and 10th Street add a sense of authenticity, grounding the narrative in tangible locales. The chorus, a plaintive admission of lingering love, underscores his inability to forget. This emotional tug-of-war is further intensified when the home he once shared with his lover now feels devoid of warmth. “Still Got It” is a testament to Troye’s masterful lyrical storytelling, a heartbreaking reflection of the spaces we inhabit even in absence.

6. Can’t Go Back, Baby

This track is a full-frontal collision with the harsh reality of lost love, with Troye explicitly centering on the impossibility of returning to a past relationship. His longing, referenced in the repeated refrain “Can’t go back, baby, yeah-yeah,” is palpable and painfully relatable. The lyrics reveal a bitter narrative of betrayal and the cruel aftermath of a severed connection. We sense a duality of feelings: regret for what is lost and a defiant celebration of newfound self-liberation. As the lyrics unfold, Troye yearningly presents intimate moments shared with a former lover, simultaneously expressing a heavy sigh of relief as he looks forward to a future without this pain. However, even in its rawness, “Can’t Go Back, Baby” captures the resilience and strength lying at heart of this pop icon’s character.

7. Got Me Started

At its core, “Got Me Started” is a song that revels in the throes of intense, intoxicating attraction. The lyrics serve as a confession to a lover about an irresistible urge that’s too powerful to ignore. Sivan talks about a person who’s got the magnetism of a black hole, pulling everything towards him – an intoxicating mix of personality, sexuality, and vibe that’s impossible to resist. The notion of distance and time also seep into the narrative, with the creeping sunrise symbolizing the urgency and fleeting nature of the night, as well as the relationship. There’s a rousing call-to-action, for the partner to reciprocate the attraction, leading to a mutual acknowledgment of their shared chemistry. “Got Me Started” encapsulates a snapshot of the modern-day romantic and sexual experience, where parties, flirtations, and one-night encounters can evoke deep emotions and connections, even if they’re fleeting.

8. Silly

Sivan wears his heart on his sleeve as he navigates the perplexing throes of love, evoking a sentiment that’s as raw as it’s relatable. “Silly” is an earnest confession of being ‘silly’ in love – there’s painfully poignant admission of holding onto a love that’s not reciprocated. Sivan’s lyrics show he’s consumed by this affection, often feeling ‘out of his body’ and desperately trying to ‘recreate’ the object of his desire. This track not just discusses joyous infatuation, but also handles the alienation, the neediness, and the frequently ineffable aspects of love. With lyrics like these, Troye Sivan redefines what it means to be silly, giving it a depth that transcends its usual trivial connotations. It’s an exploration of unrequited love, the debilitating highs and lows, all delivered with a candor that’s refreshingly honest.

9. Honey

This track is a masterclass in the power of desire and nervous anticipation. It drips with Sivan’s yearning for connection and the thrill of the unknown, while embodying the essence of modern romance.

The song’s lyrics form an intimate conversation, with Sivan navigating through his emotions of attraction and longing. His desire for his lover is sugary, addictive, and powerful – it’s the “honey” he craves. The ‘overdrive’ repetition significantly encapsulates the intensity of these budding emotions, picturing him spiraling in a whirlpool of his thoughts and impending actions.

“Honey” is filled with imagery of cityscapes and sensual moments, reflecting universal themes of love and desire. The lines sway between being playful (“Give me a song to rock your body”) and contemplative (“I don’t know how I’m gonna tell you what you really mean”), further underlining the complexities of human relationships.

10. How To Stay With You

The song is a beautiful exposition of yearning, a theme woven into the tapestry of Sivan’s tenderly penned verses. It presents a heartbreaking dichotomy; a blissful vision of a future with a loved one clashing with the agonizing reality of distance and time constraints. Sivan’s lyrical prowess is in full show as he explores the complexities of desire, hope, and frustration most delicately.

Slide deeper into the verses and you’ll see references to family approval, a detail that roots the song’s sentiments in realism. You’ll feel the weight of the game of love, as Sivan lays bare his struggle with his wants, his vision, and his profound confusion. He explores the uncomfortable reality of the ‘little bit’ of love’s lingering uncertainty, beautifully conveying his doubts about maintaining this fraught relationship.

In summary, “How To Stay With You” is a lyrical exploration of the rollercoaster that is love – the highs, lows, doubt and everything in between. It’s a slow dance of words that leaves the listener holding their breath, captured by the raw vulnerability of Sivan’s lyrical confession.

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