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Morgan Wallen, a name that rings loud in the thumping heart of country crossover pop. Emerging as a formidable storyteller, his rise to prominence has been nothing short of meteoric, his unique blend of country music and pop sensibility signaling a new era in the genre. His deep country roots are seamlessly fused with modern pop themes, creating an intoxicating sonic cocktail that makes Wallen a standout in an often crowded scene.

Pulling inspiration from the grit of Eric Church to the soulful impact of Chris Stapleton, Wallen has woven together a tapestry of sounds that defies traditional borders. He didn’t stop at just drawing inspiration, though. The back-country boy turned national sensation placed a high value on collaboration, bridging musical gaps with impressive features from the likes of Ben Burgess, HARDY, and ERNEST, among others.

His albums are sonic roadmaps, tracing his evolution as an artist and a man. They are packed with collaborations that manage to simultaneously highlight his alto drawl and the unique strengths of his collaborators. From the rhythmic synergy of “Outlaw” to the deeply evocative “Cowgirls”, Wallen has demonstrated an uncanny ability to blend voices and perspectives, creating a richly-layered musical experience.

Morgan Wallen has collaborated with the following artists so far:

  • Ben Burgess
  • Chris Stapleton
  • Florida Georgia Line
  • Eric Church

His ambition and knack for synergy is evident in the wide array of collaborations in his discography, inviting listeners to join him on his journey of musical exploration. So, let’s get into it. From the defiant “Outlaw” to the bittersweet harmonies of “Cowgirls”, here are the Top 6 Morgan Wallen Collaborations.

6. Outlaw (feat. Ben Burgess)

This track sees Morgan Wallen adopt the persona of a bad boy who’s had his wild heart tamed by an even wilder woman. The song draws parallels between Wallen’s rebellious ways and the lawless lifestyles of the outlaws in the Wild West, invoking an image of lovers embroiled in a sweet yet hard-hitting duel of passions. According to these lyrics, it seems Wallen has met his match: a femme fatale who arrived like Annie Oakley with guns blazing, capturing his heart and slaying his bachelor ways. With this song, Wallen and Burgess blend outlaw-country aesthetics with modern romance plotlines, creating a compelling narrative that leaves you wondering who this irresistible Annie Oakley might be – the one who finally stole the heart of the baddest outlaw in town.

5. In The Bible (feat. HARDY)

Wallen and HARDY harmoniously present country life, filled with dirt roads, cold beers, and good old fashioned camaraderie, as their version of prayer. The song’s lyrics explore the blissful simplicity of country life, painting vivid pictures of smoky bonfires, truck tread leaving marks on red dust, and sharing bootleg brews with friends.

This collaboration takes the listener through a journey of country living – it’s not just a lifestyle, it’s their religion. The song’s unconventional perspective of correlating customary country living with religious practices makes it a compelling track. Wallen and HARDY’s resonating vocals pay homage to the country ethos, asserting that they’d be ‘one hell of a disciple’ if being country was in the Bible. It reflects their authentic connection with the rustic landscape and the values it embodies. The originality of the song lies in equating their intimate relationship with the land and their people with the divine, giving an entirely new dimension to the track.

4. Only Thing That’s Gone (feat. Chris Stapleton)

Wallen’s melancholic voice seamlessly intertwines with Stapleton’s gruff harmonies, providing a sublime soundtrack to a narrative of lost love. The story emerges from the depths of a bar, where the protagonist clings to his last drink, a poignant metaphor for his dissolved relationship. His pouring out of tips to keep the band from playing lonesome songs is an attempt to stifle the omnipresent reminders of his loneliness. The repeated plea for one more drink from the bartender highlights the protagonist’s desperate attempts to numb his pain. Yet, as the final refrain underscores, it’s not just about the drink – the empty glass signifies his echoing loss. This song is a sterling example of Wallen’s ability to weave relatable experiences into his music, adding an extra layer of richness to the country-pop genre. Stapleton’s presence elevates the tune, lending his signature raw Americana edge while perfectly complementing Wallen’s modern country twang. Altogether, “Only Thing That’s Gone” is a compelling exploration of heartbreak, longing, and the ceaseless search for solace in the wake of loss.

3. Up Down (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

It’s a nostalgic soundtrack to those Friday nights when the rod gets dipped into the pond and the worries of the week evaporate into the crisp country air. Essentially, Wallen extends a toast to life’s simple pleasures, like fishing and head bobbing to a good old-fashioned burnt CD.

This is pop music with a strong country flavor, where good times roll as smoothly as chilled beer from an ice chest on a weekend party. The lyrics evoke the rustic charm of small-town values but are wrapped up in the youthful exuberance of a modern weekend blowout. It underscores the importance of cherishing what we have instead of yearning for what we don’t. “Up Down” demonstrates that happiness, pride and a sense of fulfillment don’t necessarily spring from a fat bank account or a yacht, but rather from soaking in the sun’s rays and enjoying the company of good friends. Wallen and Florida Georgia Line show us that sometimes, the best things in life are truly free.

2. Man Made A Bar (feat. Eric Church)

Filled to the brim with pure, unadulterated storytelling, the song delves into the concept of finding solace in a local bar when love goes sour. It features a gripping narrative that illustrates the protagonist’s struggle with heartbreak, his loneliness palpable as he finds himself drawn back to the bar. With a bartender playing the sage, the lyrics present an intimate portrayal of a man’s quest for refuge after a relationship’s demise. At the same time, it serves as a homage to the quintessential role of the bar in country music – an escape, a place of camaraderie and solace. Yes indeed, God may have made the world and the man, but it was man who made the bar, a haven when the divine creations fail him. Wallen and Church’s voices intertwine flawlessly, accentuating the poignant undertones of the track, making “Man Made A Bar” a collaborative masterpiece.

1. Cowgirls (feat. ERNEST)

Morgan Wallen and ERNEST spin a tale steeped in quintessential country symbolism, loaded with references to mustangs, rodeos, ghost towns, and of course, cowgirls. These women are portrayed as captivating forces of nature, leaving an indelible mark on any man who dares to love them. They’re depicted as fiercely independent, never settling down, and they seemingly revel in their wild lifestyle, much to the frustration and admiration of the lovelorn narrative voice. The heartbreak they leave in their wake is almost a badge of honor, a testament to their intoxicating allure and independent spirit. The song is a catchy nod to country tropes, with a modern flavor provided by Wallen and ERNEST’s recognizable vocals, creating an anthem for all the wild-hearted cowgirls out there.

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