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Billie Eilish, the pop prodigy, stormed the music scene with a bang, giving a chilling vibe never felt since Madonna’s peak in the ’80s. Known for her deliciously dark pop tunes, she’s given the charts a makeover like Gaga did with her meat dress, only darker and deeper. With words sharp as knives that cut to the heart of youth angst and life, whilst comparing that to the bubblegum lyrics of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream,’ the depth is as stark as day and night. Eilish’s songwriting chops have critics bowled over, youngsters mesmerized. Remember when we gushed over MJ’s ‘Human Nature,’ Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep?’ Billie’s ‘Bad Guy’ ilk needs no less than an opera house to reverberate its genius, wonder. And then there’s the persona. The green hair, the baggy clothes, scream, “Forget your mould, I won’t fit in.” A notable departure from the skimpy trends glam-pop icons like Britney and Christina made popular.

But teen love isn’t a walk in the park. The public breakup with Brandon ‘Q’ Adams had gossip mags scavenging for crumbs, and her breathless fans were glued to their gram. Lo and behold, she rose stronger, evidenced by her award-dominating spree, much like Tay’s 2019 AMA sweep. A life lived under the lens isn’t easy-peasy. But this girl from Highland Park is no ordinary star. Just like a Bowie or a Prince, she’s showing the world how to rock their individuality, sans the sugar, with a dash of lime and a pinch of spice. Go Billie!

15. ocean eyes

Cali-gal Billie Eilish came into the scene with a bang with her debut single “Ocean Eyes.” Dropping this synth-pop bop while she was just a novice of 13, she became an overnight sensation. This tune, penned by big bro Finneas, swoops in with a silky smooth beat and hooks you with its hypnotic lyrics. Talking ’bout the vulnerability of falling hard and fast, it’s a relatable vibey song for the lovestruck youth. The haunting refrain “No fair/You really know how to make me cry/When you gimme those ocean eyes” will get those tear ducts wet with nostalgia. It’s that potent Eilish magic! “Ocean Eyes” rolls like a moody sea, capturing the emotional depth of young love and heartbreak. And Billie? She’s been riding that wave ever since. Pure trigger for the feels, folks!

14. Halley’s Comet

At midnight, alone in your room, Billie Eilish’s “Halley’s Comet” has the power to pierce the silence. Featured in her sophomore album, “Happier Than Ever,” this ethereal lullaby is heartbreak and longing folded into twinkling melodies. Eilish, with her haunting vocal ability, drags you into the realm of forlorn love. Lyrically, she’s bluer than the night sky, referencing Halley’s Comet, a rare astronomical event that occurs only once in our lives. The song isn’t about the stars, but rather emotional isolation. It’s that feeling of seeing something magical and wishing someone was there to share it. It’s one of Billie’s most vulnerable pieces yet; the melancholic beauty in its composition is simply chilling. With her hushed, whispery voice, Billie Eilish continues to gift music that messes with your heartstrings. So, brace for cosmic emotion, you’re in for a celestial ride.

13. i love you

“i love you” is a raw and honest track off Billie Eilish’s debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. This haunting love ballad showcases Eilish’s impressive vocal prowess and gets really up close and personal. Co-written and produced by her brother Finneas, the song delivers all the feels, with a chill-inducing blend of soft guitar chords, and poignant lyrics that hit right in the heart. Billie Eilish fans know that her songs don’t just hype; they tell stories. This one feels like a gut punch of unrequited love, of care and confusion. Its simplicity and vulnerability make the track one of the standout songs on the album. In Eilish’s universe, love’s not always pretty, but the truth that she belts out? Beyond beautiful.

12. watch

“Watch,” a colossal hit off Billie Eilish’s debut EP “Don’t Smile At Me”, paints a picture of heartbreak like no other. The Los Angeles native doesn’t shy away from tearing her soul out for everyone to see. Doused in trippy synth vibes, this track lays raw Eilish’s struggle to purge a lacerating love. The lyrics hit where it hurts, “Watch my heart burn, with the fire that you started in me”. Ouch! Peak Billie, pulling us deep into her emotional wreckage. This is classic Eilish – cool, unfiltered, and as real as it gets. The track echoes, long after it’s done, proving that not all pop needs to be sugar-coated. Watch “watch” burn, as Eilish steps into the phoenix’s shoes, ready for the rebirth.

11. idontwannabeyouanymore

Straight from the heart, Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore” is a window into her soul. Part of the EP “Don’t Smile At Me,” she gets raw, beating us over the head with her vulnerability. It’s a slow jam, with Eilish’s intoxicating vocals set to a twinkling backdrop. An outward dressing down, the lyrics contain a hidden depth, striking a chord with anyone who’s ever felt not quite good enough. Don’t get it twisted — Billie’s not just feeling herself, she’s feeling all of us. And that’s the vibe. More than just music, it’s shared experience, a collective nod to the unspoken turmoils that make us human. This song proves Billie’s expertise at marrying gut-wrenching lyrics with hypnotic beats. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to cry and groove at the same time. Totally relatable and totally Billie.

10. Bored

Billie Eilish’s single “Bored” is a tour de force of emotional intensity that you just can’t shake off. Packed with brooding lyrics and moody beats, it takes you on an introspective journey that smacks of teenage ennui and the torment of unrequited love. It’s melancholy, it’s haunting, it’s quintessentially Eilish. The track, taken from her debut EP “Don’t Smile at Me,” showcases Billie’s knack for blending pop and electro in a way that’s fresh yet undeniably relatable. Her intimate, raw vocal delivery adds a layer of authenticity that reverberates throughout this pensive ode to heartache. In the ever-evolving pop landscape, “Bored” stands out as a visceral anthem of adolescent angst. Get ready to feel all the feels, peeps. Eilish’s power to stir up emotions is real and raw. Prepare to have this tune on repeat!

9. ocean eyes

Billie Eilish, the teen pop prodigy blew us all away with “Ocean Eyes”. It’s a hauntingly beautiful track, where Eilish’s lilting vocals ride over synth beats, wrapping your senses like a cool ocean breeze. Eilish, only 13 when she first recorded this track, showcases wisdom beyond her years. Her deft handling of the complex emotions in the song belies her age. “Ocean Eyes” is a heady mix of fear, longing, and a vulnerably raw declaration of love; the kinda feels that hits right in the feels. Eilish’s portrayal of the endearing fragility of first love and subsequent heartbreak has struck a chord with fans worldwide. So, park yourself, plug in your earphones and let “Ocean Eyes” sweep you into its dreamy, melodic tide. Far from swimmer’s ear, you’ll be yearning for a repeat salty dip with this track. Eilish holds nothing back and her emotional transparency is pure gold. This song redefined the soundscape for the young artist and made the world sit up and take notice.

8. when the party’s over

This moody banger “when the party’s over” catapulted Billie Eilish into pop superstardom with its release. Serving as soul food for the melancholic, its hauntingly beautiful melody, coupled with Billie’s raw and poignant vocals, has listeners totally hooked. Her masterful sonic blend of indie-pop and electropop, paired with broodingly intimate lyrics, paints a picture of post-party gloom – a scenario all too familiar to the young and the restless. Eilish’s convulsive sobs in the music video are a testament to her uncanny ability to tap into emotions with her music. The intensity of it all shows Billie’s music isn’t just for kicks – it resonates deep. Even after the synth fades and the party’s over, Eilish’s allure lingers on, making her one of the defining voices of Gen Z pop music. Woefully enchanting, if you ain’t down with this track, you might wanna rethink your music taste.

7. bad guy

“Bad guy”, phew, what a whirlwind! Billie Eilish had us all jaw-dropped with this sick bop from her debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Co-written with her bro, Finneas, it’s a delve into the psyche of an anti-hero, topped with Billie’s hauntingly hypnotic voice. A real game-changer, ain’t it? Ever noticed how Eilish flips the script right there in the lyrics? “I’m the bad guy, duh” – blurring lines between good and bad, questioning the norms. The synths? Mellow yet eerie, weaving a sonic web you just can’t escape from. So there you have it, “bad guy” – a track that resonated with millions, making Eilish a sensation overnight. Dark, unapologetic, real – our Billie made ‘being a bad guy’ the coolest thing in pop. And we’re just here for the ride. Buckle up, folks. The Eilish era is far from over!

6. everything i wanted

Billie Eilish, known for her emo-laced pop hits, really hit a nerve with “everything i wanted”. A hauntingly beautiful ode to fame’s double-edged sword, Eilish explores the high price of living your dreams. Served on a plate of minimalist electronic beats, the song strikes with gut-punch lyrics. Cleverly penned by Eilish and her brother Finneas, it’s a lyrical exercise in vulnerability and contrast, hitting the sweet spot between dream pop and dark electronica. The emotional intensity of the track showcases Billie at her rawest yet, resonating deeply with an audience grappling with the same internal battles. As far as pop songs go, it’s a moody masterpiece; one that confronts the realities of mental health without sugarcoating. Eilish’s brutal honesty has once again hit the bullseye, making “everything i wanted” an anthem for the disillusioned youth.

5. Hotline (edit)

Virtually an instrumental track, this one takes you on a ride through a whole mood.

4. TV

“I don’t want to talk right now, I just want to watch TV, so I don’t have to watch you leave… “

Oh the feels!

3. Happier Than Ever

A rollercoaster ride with “Happier Than Ever,” stripping back the layers to reveal raw emotion in its purest form. There’s an edgy softness, an angry heartbreak, and the sinister whisper of sweet nothings with lines like, “You clearly didn’t think this through.” The track showcases Eilish’s haunting vocals as she navigates the searing pain caused by toxic love. “Happier Than Ever” serves as the title track of her second studio album, and boy, it does not disappoint! It was a bold move to drift away from her typical dark-pop realm into a softer, more intricate musical landscape. The song is a tear-streaked farewell to a love story that was never meant to be, a raw outpouring that hits hard, proof once again of Eilish’s lyrical genius. It’s a wild emotional ride, but worth every second. This isn’t just a song, it’s an experience.

2. lovely (with Khalid)

A hauntingly beautiful ballad from Billie Eilish and Khalid. Pure, raw, and real, it’s a musical journey through their shared struggle with mental health issues. Their voices twine flawlessly, creating an atmosphere that’ll drop you straight into ‘feelsville’. The track is majorly lush with its minimalistic production, layered vocals, and touching lyrics – “Isn’t it lovely, all alone / Heart made of glass, my mind of stone”. The pair accurately depicted the feeling of loneliness and depression, serving as a reminder that emotional torment isn’t exclusive to your everyday Joe. They grapple with feeling trapped and isolated, every note tinged with vulnerability. Complex stuff, right? Yet, you can’t help but bop along to the beat. To end it off, simply, “lovely” isn’t just a song, it’s a deeply emotional experience. Checkmate, sadness, you’ve never sounded so sweet.

1. What Was I Made For?

From the smash hit movie “Barbie” with Margot Robbie, this tune is Billie’s latest and it’s an absolute smash hit.

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