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Morgan Wallen, the mulleted hitmaker, has been blazing trails and bending ears in the pop-country universe, all while creating a song catalogue that is as diverse as it is deep. Unique in his blending of genres, Wallen’s oeuvre revels in a mix of twang-inflected revelries and heart-tugging ballads. A good case in point: the down-home charm typified by “Man Made A Bar (feat. Eric Church)”, and the infectious, boot-tapping rhythm of “Up Down (feat. Florida Georgia Line)” show Wallen’s ability to traverse the realms of country and pop seamlessly. Then there’s “Chasin’ You”, a heartbreak anthem that touches the soul as deeply as anything from the pantheon of pop music.

Wallen’s intuitive understanding of songcraft comes to the fore in tracks like “7 Summers” and “More Than My Hometown”, while his interpretation of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” shows a maturity beyond his years. Indeed, his songs range from the stadium-ready “Whiskey Glasses”, a testament to his larger-than-life persona, to confessional ballads like “Wasted On You”. Wallen successfully infuses mainstream pop elements into the foundational country narratives, resulting in a distinctive merger that puts him in a class of his own.

Despite the controversy that has followed him, his undeniable talent as a songwriter and singer cannot be forgotten. Throughout his career, he has proven to be unpredictable, rebellious, tender, and introspective all at once. His varied and expansive discography is a testament to the musical heights he’s capable of reaching. So let’s get into it. From “I Wrote The Book” to “Last Night”, here are the Top 25 Morgan Wallen Songs Ranked, from Worst to Best.

25. I Wrote The Book

A tug-of-war between braggadocio and humility, Wallen weaves a narrative of self-assured prowess but in the same breath, concedes his failure to align with the moral compass dictated by religion and love. The central dichotomy is demonstrated through his analogy of the “book” – one he’s crafted with expertise in domains like catching hogs and swinging curveballs, but hasn’t written for mastering a clean lifestyle or sustaining love. His quick wit and lyrical prowess are on full display as he toggles between the high of self-importance to the sober acknowledgement of his flaws. It’s a hint of Wallen’s depth, an exploration beneath the surface of the confident, cocksure persona often painted, revealing a man grappling with self-improvement and moral imperfections. And what a beautiful contradiction it becomes – Wallen’s uproarious celebration of his skills, only to disclose the elusive “book” he didn’t write, the virtuous life he struggles to lead. An underdog story, really, only with the underdog battling himself to be better, teaching us that sometimes, being good at everything isn’t really everything.

24. Dying Man

This tune goes beyond the typical booze and heartbreak fare, delving into the territory of life-altering transformations catalyzed by love. The song’s protagonist, a rebel without a cause headed for a dead-end, experiences a life-changing intervention by an angelic woman. Embedded in the narrative are references to country legends Elvis Presley and Hank Williams, both victims of substance abuse, highlighting the razor-thin line that the protagonist treaded before love saved him. Wallen’s visceral storytelling, coupled with the song’s honest depiction of redemption, makes “Dying Man” a uniquely immersive experience in the world of pop music.

23. If I Know Me

The lyrics, a bold pick-up narrative, see Wallen using his southern charm and confidence to woo a college girl who’s grown tired of the usual bar scene. He presents a refreshing alternative to her routine life, promising a love that’s worth sticking around for.

Throughout the track, Wallen expertly flirts with the idea of an escalating romance, hinting at intimacy with lines like making “a little love at a quarter past three.” He cleverly contrasts this sizzling passion with the mundane reality of having to keep it down because “her roommate is home.” This relatable injection of everyday reality helps to ground the song, making it feel personal and genuine.

Ultimately, “If I Know Me” showcases Wallen at his most charming and persuasive, using his artistry to spin an undeniably compelling narrative. It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates the allure of fleeting, spontaneous love and the exciting unpredictability that comes with it.

22. Up Down (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

This tune is steeped in iconic country themes, acting as a homage to the small-town lifestyle, round-the-clock fishing, and grand old weekend parties. Wallen’s storytelling prowess is evident as he paints a vivid picture of endless nights spent turning parking lots into spontaneous parties, blasting burnt CDs, and sipping away at a fifth of Jack. There’s a raw charm seeping through each lyric, encapsulating the spirit of a free-wheeling, youthful escapade that doesn’t need the glittering allure of big-city luxury. The girls ‘get hotter when it’s hot,’ and the shindigs don’t require yachts—just an ice chest, cold beer, and good company. The song’s pulsating rhythm mirrors the up-down motion in the lyrics, pulling listeners into a world where the measure of success is rooted in sublime simplicity—contentment with ‘what we got’ and a zest for life that turns the ordinary into an extraordinary hootenanny.

21. Sunrise

The lyrics center around Wallen’s attempts to escape memories of an old flame, yet finding her presence is as persistent as the sunrise. She’s in every conversation, every smoky situation, and every sip of water or whiskey. Like a specter, she haunts his mornings, making it impossible for him to forget her. This song goes beyond just being a heartbreak anthem as it paints a vivid picture of an emotional tug-of-war between wanting to forget and being unable to let go. The metaphor of the ex-lover as a sunrise is a master stroke on Wallen’s part. It implies that the memories of her are as forceful and inevitable as the rising sun. The crux of the song indicates the inevitable cycle of life and love that goes on, as symbolized by the sunrise. One of Wallen’s slightly more understated gems, yet it digs deep in the feels nonetheless.

20. Everything I Love

Wallen’s signature blend of country swagger and heart-on-the-sleeve vulnerability is front and center here. The song tells a story of a lover scorned, navigating through the aftermath of love, where everything reminds him of his past. The lyrics elevate everyday imagery, making simple things like ‘city lights’ and a ‘Silverado’ potent reminders of his lost love. But it’s the ruined sanctity of his ‘hometown’ that lands the hardest punch. True to Wallen’s narrative style, the song presents a raw, unfiltered lament against a landscape of love now turned bitter. Moreover, the refrain ‘You ruined damn near everything I love’ is a poignant refrain that strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced love’s darker shades. All in all, “Everything I Love” is a raw, emotive exploration of heartache, presented in Wallen’s inimitably authentic style.

19. Man Made A Bar (feat. Eric Church)

Drawing on the classic trope of man’s creation as a backdrop, the song crafts a compelling narrative around the timeless human quest for companionship and the despair when that bond crumbles. It features a protagonist who turns to alcohol, embodied in the form of a bar, as a haven to nurse his wounded heart after a failed relationship. Through this elegantly woven storyline, Wallen and Church manage to capture the universal experience of loneliness and longing. The bar in this narrative serves a dual purpose, acting not only as a symbol of refuge but also as a space for camaraderie and shared sorrows. The lyrical depth of this song, coupled with Wallen’s soulful delivery and Church’s edgy tones, makes “Man Made a Bar” a heart-wrenching yet hopeful ballad that will resonate with anyone who’s ever had a lonesome night bend towards the melancholy end of the whiskey spectrum.

18. This Bar

Rooted in an autobiographical authenticity, Wallen opens up the doors of his own memories, allowing us to stumble through a myriad of youthful missteps and moments of personal growth right beside him. Observing the familiar scenes of a local watering hole, we follow Wallen through coming-of-age experiences, from his first intoxication to his first heartbreak. “This Bar” has Wallen tracing the contours of growing up, where making new friends, making mistakes, and buzzing like neon in the dark becomes the rites of passage into adulthood. Each verse presents a vivid slice of life, from bar brawls to failed romances, all under the soft glow of neon beer signs. Punctuated by Wallen’s country twang, “This Bar” reveals its draw; it’s a candid exploration of the human experience through the lens of local bar culture. It’s a love letter to growing pains, small town life, and the people and places that shape us, even as we drown our sorrows in whiskey sours.

17. ’98 Braves

The song skillfully likens a passionate but ultimately unsuccessful relationship to the Atlanta Braves’ 1998 season. Wallen uses vivid imagery to recount days spent on a living room couch, hearts filled with hope for a win that never came. This poignant comparison serves as a metaphor for his doomed romance, which, like the Braves’ season, promised great things but ended without the desired result. The lyrics delve deep into the harsh realities of unfulfilled expectations and lost love. It’s an exquisite blend of raw emotion entwined with sports nostalgia that hits home for many listeners, showcasing Wallen’s ability to tap into universally shared experiences and emotions. The song serves as a reminder that not all battles are won, and not all love stories end with a ring on a hand. Life isn’t just about home runs and victories, sometimes it’s about losing, learning, and moving on.

16. The Way I Talk

Wallen leans into his rural Tennessee roots, expressing pride in his accent, which becomes thicker with “three or four cold beers” and louder when he’s “cheering on the Volunteers”—a clear nod to his home state’s popular sports team.

The song is an anthem for self-love and authenticity, where Wallen lays bare his Southern ways—he’s polite, with “Yes sir, no ma’am, y’all come back, now” and protective of his family name. Wallen also emphasizes his faith, with references to ‘the man upstairs’––a common Southern term for God. His is a life led “kinda slow like the Mississippi rolls”, a clear homage to the slow-paced, mindful lifestyle characteristic of the Southern United States.

In essence, “The Way I Talk” is Wallen’s declaration of identity: an artist unashamedly country, unapologetically himself, fitting perfectly into the role of the rugged, authentic southern gentleman in the realm of pop music.

15. 7 Summers

Wallen weaves a tale of youthful romance, soaked in Southern Comfort and rooted in the idyllic Tennessee landscape. The lyrics capture the essence of a bygone relationship, stained by the insurmountable passage of time and the inevitable divergence of life paths. The song convincingly portrays Wallen as the quintessential ‘good old boy’ who’s been left behind, still hankering for the warmth of those lost summers. He’s a picture of regret, clutching at the straws of the past, wondering if his old flame ever spares a thought for him. However, it’s not just a story of lost love, but also a pensive reflection on the relentless march of time, the changes it brings, and the memories it leaves in its wake. In “7 Summers”, Wallen’s evocative storytelling and the inescapable yearning in his voice tug at your heartstrings, leaving you longing for the summers of your own past.

14. One Thing At A Time

It’s a country-pop ballad from the volatile, unfiltered bard of honky-tonk heartbreak himself. This track lays bare Wallen’s struggles with a break-up, a heart that’s still hanging on, and the copious vices he leans on to cope. Painted with hues of frustration and regret, the song is a confession of a man battling longing and addiction. It’s a tug-of-war between love and self-destruction, as depicted by the metaphor of burning the bar down versus simply erasing a phone number. And yet, it carries the defiant undertone of refusing to take on too much too fast, emphasizing the human tendency to handle one problem at a time. A powerful symbol of the push-pull dynamic in Wallen’s music, “One Thing At A Time” connects with anyone who has encountered heartbreak and the challenges of personal growth. The song might not sit among Wallen’s universally acclaimed hits, but it sure packs a punch with its raw honesty and relatable narrative.

13. Sand In My Boots

Subtle in its storytelling, Wallen paints a vivid picture of a girl he meets from out of town, resulting in a summerspin in Eastern Tennessee. The track is a beautifully crafted blend of nostalgia and heartbreak, embodied in Wallen’s soulful delivery. The crux of the song centers around a pair of flip-flops, Red Wings, and the eponymous sand. It’s not just the residue of a beach escapade; it’s a metaphor of a romance that feels like an unforgettable summer breeze, yet as temporary as the grains slipping through one’s fingers. As Wallen recollects dodging potholes in his sunburnt Silverado, he champions the pain of a heart-broke desperado, encapsulating the feeling of returning home to his roots, yet nursing a heart scarred from love’s fleeting touch. The melancholic undercurrent is a testament to the transient nature of summer romances and their lingering memories, casting a long, moving shadow over the brightly lit canvas of this tune.

12. Cover Me Up

In this song, Wallen explores the thorny path of redemption, love, and the lengths one goes to protect what’s cherished. The lyrical narration is soaked in the aftertaste of his past mistakes, accentuated by vivid imagery – the chopping of wood in the bitter cold, the urgency in seeking medical help, the blooming magnolias. It’s a heart-rending tale of a man ‘shooting out the sun,’ indulging in reckless oblivion, only to sober up and find salvation in love. The recurring theme of ‘covering up’ symbolizes the protagonist’s yearning for emotional shelter, something he finds in his lover, who is deemed ‘enough to use him for good’. Wallen’s powerful rendition strikes a chord, evoking a profound sense of longing, redemption, and restored faith. It is, without a doubt, one of his most potent lyrical narratives, painting a picture of a man shedding his old skin for a new beginning.

11. Spin You Around

It’s all about a protagonist working up his courage to woo a girl who’s caught his eye, hoping to sway her with those down-home dance floor delights. The allure of Wallen’s song, rooted deeply in its lyrics, is his daring proposition to change her mind about falling in love, a heart-racing gamble familiar in the tales of Southern courtship.

The lyrics oscillate between the vulnerability of confession and assertiveness in wooing his love interest. They reveal a man willingly risking it all for a chance at love, even ready to become a “bad boy” in the process. Envisioning a night filled with twirling dance moves, stolen kisses, and heartfelt promises, Wallen uses his expressive narrative to depict an intense, emotional pursuit underscored by flirtatious mischief. And therein lies the power of this song – its ability to touch upon the timeless yearning for connection, tangled in the playfulness of a country bar romance. Spin You Around is, without a doubt, a testimony to Wallen’s skillful storytelling through his music.

10. More Than My Hometown

Lyrically, Wallen finds himself torn between his deep-rooted affection for his small hometown and his love for a woman who yearns for bigger city lights and dreams. The hometown serves as a metaphor for a simpler, more traditional life, a concept that Wallen treasures but his love interest wishes to escape from. Wallen’s poignant delivery captures this struggle, underscoring the complex pull between staying true to your roots and embracing change. This emblematic country narrative is enriched by Wallen’s emotive vocals and warm, nostalgic instrumentation, striking a resonant chord with anyone who’s ever had to choose between love and home.

9. Thought You Should Know

This track sees Wallen engage in an introspective conversation with his mother, revealing his shortcomings, aspirations, and growth. Unusually raw and personal, it resonates deeply as Wallen shares his struggles with fame, alcohol, and romantic escapades.

The song paints a vivid picture of Wallen’s rocky path, his attempts at redemption, and his anchored connection to his roots. It speaks volumes about Wallen’s journey, the pressures of a life lived in the limelight, and the unyielding maturation under intense scrutiny. It’s as if he’s reading pages from his personal diary aloud; letting us in on the burdens of being a star while still being ‘Mama’s boy’.

“Thought You Should Know” doesn’t shy away from vulnerability, a stark contrast to the more spirited, party-centric repertoire we’re used to from Wallen. It’s a beautiful testament to a man owning his mistakes, embracing change, and appreciating the power of unwavering familial love and prayers that, according to him, have finally made their way through.

8. Ain’t That Some

Wallen’s gravelly vocals are in fine form here, as he spins a gritty, nostalgic narrative about a country boy’s lifestyle, steeped in thick smoke, mud-caked wheels, and sunsets over Silverados. The recurring “Ain’t that some C-O-U-N-T-R-Y” chorus becomes a rally cry for all nostalgic for this experience, and the song paints a vivid picture of a life not complicated by city lights and cappuccinos. Wallen uses the track to underline those homegrown roots; it’s a song about appreciating the simple things, the mud-bogging, the fishing holes, and everything in between that makes country living what it is. And yes, he’s not afraid to call out those who haven’t tried this C-O-U-N-T-R-Y lifestyle, a brilliantly cheeky touch that prompts a smirk. So, if you’re in need of a country anthem that puts the ‘rural’ in ‘rural nostalgia,’ well, ain’t that some Morgan Wallen track you should spin.

7. Chasin’ You

The song chronicles Wallen’s relentless pursuit of a lost romance, manifested by the singer caught in a perpetual chase — just like taking shots of whiskey and burning, or chasing those goodbye taillights out of a nowhere town. This pursuit is further amplified by Wallen’s use of vivid imagery — a Chevrolet, a moonlit river bend, and the westward road to ‘anywhere.’ Through his compelling narrative, Wallen stirs up a cocktail of freedom, longing, and regret that listeners can’t help but revisit, reminiscent of the elusive chase for love. It’s like a bittersweet road trip down memory lane, infused with a sense of longing that resonates deeply with Wallen’s fan base. In spite of the joy of new encounters and experiences, he admits to still being captivated by the past, asserting that he’s ‘still chasing’ after his past love, holding dubious consolation in brief nightly companionships. “Chasin’ You” is a quintessential Wallen — a masterful blend of storytelling and emotive country-pop melody.

6. Cowgirls (feat. ERNEST)

The lyrics portray her as a headstrong woman full of paradoxes. She’s described as having a cold heart but a warm smile, embodying the spirit of an angel and an outlaw all at once. There’s a blend of affection and exasperation as Wallen conveys deep infatuation for his cowgirl, describing the taste of her whiskey-kissed lips and the heartbreak when she leaves. Even as he acknowledges the heartache she causes, there’s a reverence for her untamed spirit reflected in the refrain, “Long live cowgirls.” The narrative is set against a backdrop of evocative imagery – fields on fire, lonely ghost towns, mustangs – underscoring the wild beauty of Wallen’s cowgirl. Ultimately, “Cowgirls” showcases Wallen’s storytelling prowess, combining his country roots with a pop sensibility and etching a potent portrait of the indomitable cowgirl. The track is a tribute to the enduring allure of these fierce, independent women and their place in the collective cultural lore of the American West.

5. Whiskey Glasses

The track, seeped in country traditions, deals with the universal theme of heartbreak. Each soulful strum underpins a narrative of a man trying to drown his sorrows after a tough break-up. But don’t mistake this for another clichéd sad coutry song. It’s Wallen’s interpretation of the experience that sets this one apart. His reference to “whiskey glasses” acts as a metaphor for escaping the harsh reality of his lover’s absence. By seeing the world through these metaphorical glasses, he hopes to blur out the image of his ex-lover with someone else. In typical Wallen style, he blends his raw, raspy vocals with a catchy melody, turning an emotional ride of loneliness into an infectious country-pop anthem. So while the song is entrenched in pain, Wallen’s determination to deal with his heartbreak offers an overarching sense of resilience that’s truly endearing. That’s the beauty of Wallen – he’s not afraid to bare it all, even when it’s break-up induced melancholy with a side of country twang.

4. You Proof

The song’s lyrics tell a story of futile attempts to drown memories in alcohol, with Wallen delivering a poignant depiction of unrequited longing and emotional resilience. As the protagonist in this honky-tonk tale, he’s hitting the gas, pulling a “90 to a 100”, and “mixing liquors” in an attempt to erase the object his affections. Yet, every attempt is in vain. No matter what he tries, it’s simply not “you-proof” – a testimony to the lasting imprints that love can leave, resistant to even the most potent means of escape. He’s looking for a cure for his aching heart, but all he can find are temporary antidotes that provide no real relief. Wallen draws from his own experiences to craft this heartrending narrative wrapped in a catchy country-pop arrangement, showcasing his knack for translating personal struggles into universal sentiments that resonate with his listeners. Ultimately, “You Proof” is an intoxicating blend of emotional vulnerability and country charm, capturing the classic narrative of lost love in the modern age.

3. Wasted On You

Wallen delves into the deep-end of post-breakup turmoil, detailing the countless resources – time, money, emotions – he’s invested in a relationship that’s now reduced to rubble. He dwells on the mornings spent nursing heartache with bourbon, the solitary drives in his Chevy, and the prayers whispered in a lonely pew, all of them bearing the bitter aftertaste of a love gone sour. Amidst the instrumental twangs and Wallen’s raspy, distinctive vocals, we encounter a protagonist, who’s wrestling with the realization that he’s been pouring his heart and soul into a love that’s no more. Wallen, in his signature style, turns personal miseries into universal heartache, culminating in a track that resonates profoundly with anyone who’s tasted the bitterness of a wasted love. All said and done, “Wasted On You” is a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s one that firmly establishes Morgan Wallen as a fearless chronicler of love’s darker shades.

2. Thinkin’ Bout Me

Wallen’s songwriting is a masterclass in emotional transparency; where he doesn’t just scratch the surface of heartbreak, he rips it wide open. The lyrics suggest Wallen grappling with the lingering presence of an ex-lover in his mind, as he questions whether he still occupies her thoughts too. He imagines her in scenarios with a new lover, wondering if their shared past echoes in her present. The underlying lament is one of possessiveness; an unspoken yearning for what once was, and the painful reality of what is. What’s really poignant in the track is the ceaseless cycle of hoping, questioning, and yearning. We see Wallen trapped in the emotional conundrum of past love, revealing a theme that’s a universal aspect of the human experience. And that’s Wallen’s charm, tugging at heartstrings with his honest portrayals of love and loss.

1. Last Night

The track unfolds a tumultuous love affair, doused with hard liquor and punctuated by heated arguments. Wallen gives a haunting account of a lover’s quarrel that, despite its intensity, leaves neither party willing to call it quits. It’s not just the regret of harsh words spoken, but the stubborn hope that the fight isn’t over yet, that makes “Last Night” a compelling narrative. Wallen’s gruff vocals convey the urgency of an inevitable reunion, further delivered against the background of driving beats and vibrant acoustics. The song oscillates between despair over hurtful words exchanged and the unwavering conviction that this fight isn’t their last. The storyline is a hat tip to Wallen’s knack for crafting songs that mirror the messy, complicated nature of relationships, making “Last Night” a well-deserved anthem in his discography.

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