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Meghan Trainor has cemented her place in the pop music landscape with her distinctive blend of sass, sweet melodies, and contemporary spin on retro influences. From her breakout multi-platinum hit ‘All about that Bass,’ Trainor has consistently showcased her aptitude for earworms that both shake the charts and stick in listeners’ minds. Yet, it’s within the depths of her album tracks where her lyrical prowess truly unfolds.

Her latest offering, ‘Takin’ It Back,’ is an illuminating example. The album is a sonic voyage through the ebbs and flows of Trainor’s world, each track a diary page set to infectious pop melodies. And it’s not just ‘Takin’ It Back; songs like ‘Mother,’ ‘Superwoman,’ and ‘Made You Look’ also encapsulate her idiosyncratic worldview. Their lyrics don’t just tell stories; they unpack emotions, societal expectations, and self-reflections with a frankness that feels both refreshing and disarming.

This article seeks to dissect the poetic marrow at the heart of ‘Takin’ It Back,’ along with other standout album tracks, like the soulful ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy,’ the playful ‘Breezy (feat. Theron Theron),’ and the romantic ‘Remind Me.’ Here, we will dive into the metaphoric metaphysics of Trainor’s lyricism, letting the kaleidoscope of her words paint vivid imagery that speaks volumes of her artistic genius. So let’s get into it. From the toe-tapping ‘Shook’ to the heart-wrenching ‘Final Breath,’ here are the Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘Takin’ It Back’ by ‘Meghan Trainor.’

1. Mother

The track’s lyrics ooze empowerment and defiance in the face of mansplaining – a concept embodying unwarranted, condescending explanation offered by men towards women. Trainor adopts the persona of a ‘mother’, symbolizing both a maternal authority figure and a self-made woman who deserves respect. The line “Stop all that mansplainin’, no one’s listening” packs a particularly bold punch, asserting her uninterested dismissal of male dominance. Elsewhere, Trainor humorously yet pointedly rebukes an excessively confident man suffering from a “God complex”. The chorus, besides spreading a feminist message, reflects an infectious energy, transforming her defiance into a contagious form of rebellion. Through “Mother”, Trainor successfully delivers an anthem for women, making clear that she won’t stand for disrespect.

2. Don’t I Make It Look Easy

She turns a mirror on the glossed up Instagram culture, dissecting the veneer of effortless fabulousness that celebrities project. The track is a real-life reflection, where she confesses to spending hours on one photo just to convey that ‘perfect’ image.

Meghan gets candid about body image issues and the mental toll of maintaining a public persona, slamming the perfection myth while still delivering infectious rhythms. She admits to being a pro at ‘keeping her cool’, adding another layer to the pressures of fame. Meghan’s vulnerability here is a testament to her evolution as an artist, resonating with the universal struggle of maintaining appearances in a hyper-judgmental world. The song packs a punch with its powerful, relatable lyrics wrapped in catchy, upbeat sonics, making it a standout in Meghan’s discography.

3. Made You Look

In the song, Trainor’s lyrics unabashedly emphasize self-worth, confidently stating that her natural allure transcends the enhancement of luxury brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. The opening lines act as a clarion call to women everywhere to believe in their inherent worth, stripping the power away from materialistic symbols of beauty.

The catchy chorus further amplifies this message, with an assertive stride and head-turning allure, Trainor creates a sassy anthem for all who dare to be authentically themselves. The underlying message is clear: the power of attraction stems not from external adornments, but from the magnetic charm radiated by a confident woman.

The song is a perfect marriage of empowering lyrics and infectious pop beats that make it a quintessential bop. Ultimately, “Made You Look” is a siren call for self-love and acceptance, encouraging listeners to look beyond societal pressures, and embrace their individuality.

4. Shook

The track is sassy, provocative, and assertively seductive, underscoring her unapologetic embrace of her femininity. Through the lyrics, Trainor is essentially spellbinding her lover (“Baby, I got you shook”) with her mesmerizing allure.

She wields her confidence like a weapon, asserting her superiority over her lover’s wildest dreams, and positioning herself as an irresistible force. The pop diva is even audacious enough to advise her lover to keep his neighbors in check, because her presence is about to turn the dial up to 11. With cheeky references to iconic cultural symbols like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, alongside the assertive, playful tone, Trainor makes it clear she’s playing the game on her terms. In “Shook,” it’s clear she’s not scared to take her space and make her impact felt in no uncertain terms.

5. Takin’ It Back

The track is a testament to Trainor’s flair for merging the present with the past, channeling an infectious blend of fresh production with an old-school sonic ethos. The lyrics reveal a longing for the soulful, rich, and moving pop tunes of the past, the kind that made you “move your hips” and lifted your spirits. It’s a critique of the generic basslines dominating the airwaves, and a call to arms for a return to songs with personality, soul, and a rhythm that makes you lose control. This tune is Meghan’s statement of intent—she’s here to bring back the “good shit,” the music that’s got depth and gets you on the dance floor, no questions asked. It’s more than a song; it’s an ode to an era when music was a feel-good refuge, and Meghan’s leading the charge back.

6. Special Delivery (feat. MAX)

At its core, the track is a love letter — a testament to the exhilarating and joyous rollercoaster ride of being in love. Trainor and MAX’s vocals harmonize in a remarkable display of their emotive prowess, merging the splendid idiosyncrasies of their voices into a symphony of sentiment. The song stresses the importance of cherishing a beloved, indicating the preciousness of love, as emphasized by phrases like “handle with care”. It’s also a track that encapsulates the subtleties of experiencing desire and the willingness to express that passion unabashedly. The song’s lyrics capitalize on the ‘special delivery’ metaphor, hinting at both the singer’s self-worth and a loving relationship’s value. Essentially, “Special Delivery” is all about making the recipient of our love feel unequivocally special, cherished, and adored, a theme Trainor consistently nails with her effervescent pop sensibility.

7. Bad For Me (feat. Teddy Swims)

The track meticulously details an intricate dilemma – how difficult it can be to let go of a toxic relationship, even when you know it’s detrimental to your well-being. Trainor takes us deep into a love that is both boundless and destructive, her lyrics tinged with a sense of helpless despair and a longing for escape.

She paints the picture of someone caught in a spiral of broken promises and shattered hopes, still doggedly hanging on despite the pain. The song’s narrative pivots around a therapist’s advice—to write a letter—that ultimately proves futile, underscoring the futility of attempting to communicate with someone who’s “too damn selfish” to understand. The song is a raw, gut-punching exploration of the struggles of unconditionally loving someone who is consistently indifferent and hurtful. Meghan’s storytelling prowess truly takes center stage in “Bad For Me,” a powerful track that underscores the raw, complicated, and often painful aspects of human relationships.

8. Superwoman

In the song, Meghan desires a seemingly simple, yet aspirational life including a stage career, a family, and a house in Malibu. But, in her own words, there’s only one of her and she can’t do it all. She flirts with the “Superwoman” persona, but acknowledges that she is not that strong.

A key aspect of the lyrics is a recurring reference to flying in the rain and smiling through the pain, illustrating that even in the face of heavy personal difficulties, she continues to push forward. The refrain of “even heroes cry” is striking as she claims space for vulnerability, even in figures of strength.

Overall, “Superwoman” breaks down the concept of a perfect, invulnerable self, revealing a narrative of growth, struggle, and resilience. It’s a song of empowerment, self-discovery, and acceptance of inherent human limitations.

9. Rainbow

The lyrics present a compelling paradox: the protagonist is an intriguing spectacle of dynamism and color, her spirit incandescent as the moon itself, but she remains oblivious to her radiance. The song, bathed in a warm glow of optimism, encourages her to embrace her intrinsic worth, let her unique colors blaze & bask in the acceptance she’s bound to elicit.

Underscored by the pulsating rhythm of Trainor’s signature doo-wop beats, “Rainbow” floats a compelling call to action: step out of the shadows of self-doubt and reveal the full spectrum of your personality. It’s an anthem celebrating individual idiosyncrasies and emotional richness, a potent reminder of the beauty and strength in being authentically oneself.

10. Breezy (feat. Theron Theron)

Theron Theron)” is a sun-soaked anthem of positivity from pop diva Meghan Trainor, the one that’ll have you dancing like no one’s watching. Dusting off the sheen of overproduced pop, Trainor, in this track, embraces a more laid-back and organic sound. The song is a blissful celebration of life’s simpler pleasures, encouraging the listeners to not get bogged down by life’s stressing moments which ‘cover your skies’

The reggae-infused pop song features a buoyant rhythmic structure, punctuated by Theron Theron’s contribution that adds a global feel to the energetic track. Trainor’s lyrics of love, respect for her people, and living life with a chilled out attitude resonate profoundly, culminating in a catchy chorus that heralds her as the carefree, ‘breezy’ embodiment of joy. It’s a sugar-coated slice of innocence that encourages us all to take life as it comes and keep on dancing through the storms. Kudos to Trainor for bringing the sunshine.

11. Mama Wanna Mambo (feat. NATTI NATASHA & Arturo Sandoval)

The heavy Latin influences, seen in the presence of Natti Natasha and Arturo Sandoval, give the song a flirtatious and lively feel. The lyrics are a vibrant call to dance and embrace life’s pleasures. Meghan’s call, “Mama wanna mambo, mambo,” is all about surrendering to the rhythm and letting loose, a common motif in her music. Natasha adds a verse where she confidently asserts her identity, adding an edge to the song with her teasing lines. Sandoval’s legendary trumpet echoes in the background, adding another layer to the track’s energy and Latin feel. The song is a clear embodiment of Meghan’s versatility as a pop artist, capable of infusing different influences into her music and creating something uniquely fun and recognizable.

12. Dance About It

The song vibrates with a sense of defiance and a desire to break through the shackles of conformity. Trainor argues for the revelatory power of dance as a means of communication and resolution. This is encapsulated in her repeated query asking, “Why talk when we could dance about it?”

Simultaneously, there’s a frank demand for respect and a keen refusal to indulge in frivolous arguments. “Change your tone, babe” and “be careful what you say to me” reveal a determined self-respect. The narrative builds on a dichotomy between speech and movement. Where words can be susceptible to deception, the dance, the physicality of it, is seen as honest and unfiltered. The sultry invitation to “get it on” foregrounds the sensuality interwoven in the defiant lyrics.

13. While You’re Young

Trainor, in her pearlescent pop-style, veers into gentle reassurance as the hook urges listeners to seize the opportunities of youth, lap up the mistakes, and dance through the rain; because, darlin’, life goes on. Rather than succumbing to the existential dread, she offers a blanket of empathy, convincing her audience that it’s okay to feel pain, it’s okay to be different, and it’s okay to take the world head-on, one step at a time. The song serves as both a universal comfort and a personal mantra, positioning Trainor as not just a pop diva, but also a sage of the selfie generation. A profound reminder that the journey of self-exploration is as gratifying as the destination; “While You’re Young” is tug-of-war between the desperations of youth and the allure of the inevitable future.

14. Sensitive (feat. Scott Hoying)

This song, featuring Scott Hoying, is a veritable anthem for those who have been wronged in their relationships. Trainor cuts through the faux niceties that often shroud toxic friendship, laying bare her unfiltered feelings. Her words slam the insincere gestures and dismissive behaviours that got under her skin, calling out the lies and the mind games. In a defiant, empowering stand, Meghan rejects the negative labels, spinning them into a biting commentary on her so-called friend’s behavior. The lyrics succinctly capture the struggle of being ridiculed for showing emotion, for being ‘sensitive’. Paired with Hoying’s harmonizing vocal contribution, this track is an enticing mix of indignation and strength. Notably, Trainor steers the narrative with confidence, signifying her refusal to bear the blame for someone else’s misgivings. “Sensitive” therefore stands as Meghan’s fierce refusal to be gaslit, expressing her determination to stand firm against emotional manipulation.

15. Drama Queen

Displaying Trainor’s knack for crafting relatable narratives, the song is a liberation anthem for everyone who’s been called overly dramatic or too emotional. It’s a big, bold statement about embracing your quirks and vulnerabilities, even if they might come across as excessive to others.

Trainor plays brilliantly with the metaphor of drama and royalty, underscoring that despite her emotionally charged character, she’s deserving of love and loyalty. This is a song about embracing emotional honesty, even if it can be intense and overwhelming at times. It’s also an affirmation for those who’ve ever doubted their self-worth because of their emotional depth. After all, even a drama queen has her crown and her throne.

Furthermore, “Drama Queen” throws light on the dynamics of a deeply passionate relationship. Meghan assures her partner that even when she’s a handful, it’s all because of her absolute love for him. She paints an intimate picture of a couple navigating the chaotic beauty of their love where tears, tempers, and apologies are aplenty, yet, at the end of the day, they cherish the ‘drama’ because it’s a testament to their undying affection for each other.

16. Lucky

Trainor’s lyrics are a magnetic invite, crafting a sexy, confident monologue that is as irresistible as it is enchanting. She’s laying down the gauntlet, daring her lover to step up by painting a seductive, high-stakes game of romance.

The narrative emerges as a daring challenge, encouraging her partner to overcome the hesitation and seize the moment. It’s about the exhilarating thrill of anticipating passion, the heart-throbbing ecstasy of unfulfilled desire, and the implicit promise of an unforgettable evening. She utilizes repeated questions (“Can you take a hint?”), lyrically implying a seductive test and flaunting her self-assuredness.

Above all, the song is a tribute to self-confidence and sexual liberation, embodying Trainor’s quintessential sass and strength. Bold, frisky, and unapologetic, “Lucky” encapsulates the allure that has made Meghan Trainor one of pop music’s most iconic figures.

17. Grow Up

Trainor skillfully navigates the narrative, addressing an immature love interest with sharp wit and infectious charm. She’s yearning for a partner who is willing to step up, suggesting that boyish charm can only go so far. The lyrics carry a confident and assertive tone, as Trainor demands satisfaction and isn’t afraid to assert her worth.

Her message is clear: she wants love, but she won’t settle for less. The lyrics delve into theatrics with references to Sinatra charm, paying the check, and disapproving fathers. But at its core, the song is about expectations and the baggage that comes with immaturity. Trainor’s frank assessment of her partner’s need to “grow up” is a brazen claim for women who aren’t settling for anything less than they deserve.

18. Remind Me

The lyrics reveal a poignant struggle for self-awareness and acceptance, framed in a particularly vulnerable moment. Meghan makes a desperate plea for reassurance, suggesting that she has lost sight of her worth and needs someone to remind her of her innate value. Furthermore, the repetition of the phrase “remind me” underscores the depth of her insecurity and the significance of external validation during such difficult times.

The simile “I’ve run out of shooting stars” metaphors for the depletion of hope, exhibiting an acute sense of emotional exhaustion. Concurrently, Trainor ingeniously intertwines the concept of love as a reminder of self-worth, asserting that the love and support of others can serve as a powerful catalyst for self-realization and recovery. It represents a beautiful exploration of vulnerability and the healing power of love within the ups and downs of life.

19. Made You Look (feat. Kim Petras)

Kim Petras)” by Meghan Trainor is an unapologetic anthem of confidence, flaunting a vivacious spirit that’s unafraid to be in the spotlight. Trainor weaves a narrative that centers on unshakable self-assertion. She colorfully depicts a woman who can turn heads regardless of whether she’s adorning Gucci or Louis Vuitton, or even stripped down to her naturalness. She extols her ability to arrest attention, compelling the viewer to do a ‘double-take’—a metaphor for her irresistible allure and bold attitude.

Alongside Kim Petras, the song discards the materialistic value of designer labels, underlining that a person’s intrinsic worth is what truly commands attention. There’s a playful defiance against societal beauty norms, embodied in lines like “But I’m hotter when my morning hair’s a mess.” No matter the setting, she ‘makes you look’, not by her costly attire, but by the magnetism of her individuality and self-esteem.

The song’s core message is a liberating mantra: to be unabashedly yourself, create your own ‘bop’, and own it like nobody’s business.

20. Final Breath

This song showcases a softer, more vulnerable side of Trainor, straying from her typical upbeat dance tracks. It drills into the haunting notion of a love that echoes beyond a single lifetime, speaking to the transcendence of soulmate connections. Its wistful lyrics depict a tinge of regret, wishful thinking that time could reverse to relive the fond memories. Yet, there’s also a stark acceptance of the inevitability of aging and death, fortified by the reassuring comfort of companionship. In a moving climax, Trainor chooses her final words to be a declaration of love, testifying to its enduring significance. “Final Breath” encapsulates the profound, poignant sentiment of growing old with a beloved friend, carefully crafting an intimate narrative of shared experiences and love that stretches beyond the limits of time.

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