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Few artists have elicited as many reactions across the music map as Justin Bieber. The Canadian phenom’s journey from precocious YouTube sensation to ubiquitous pop heavyweight has been punctuated by highs, lows, and everything in between. Bieber’s sixth studio album, ‘Justice,’ is a testament to this voyage, a lyrical and sonic exploration of his growth as an artist and individual. Laced with collaborations from stellar artists like Khalid, Chance The Rapper, and Burna Boy, the album presents an earnest dialogue between the Biebs’ inner monologue and his outer world.

Tracks like ‘Off My Face’ and ‘Holy’ reveal a mature, emotionally aware Bieber, while the hearty rhythms of ‘Peaches’ or ‘Die For You’ underscore his undying knack for crafting pop anthems. It’s this combination of self-reflection and pop sensibilities that makes ‘Justice’ a standout in Bieber’s discography.

So let’s get into it. From ‘2 Much’ to ‘Lonely,’ here are the Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘Justice’ by ‘Justin Bieber’.

1. 2 Much

Bieber’s lyrics are a declaration of desperate love, expressing the fear of missing out on a single second with his beloved. In essence, he’s saying, “Hey, blink and you’ll miss it, right?” It’s this palpable notion of ‘2 much’ never quite being enough that Bieber delicately unpacks throughout the song. The opening line, borrowed from the words of Martin Luther King Jr., seems to hint at a broader social context, tying his personal narrative into larger themes of justice and fairness. What stands out is Bieber’s candid confession of emotional dependency and a consuming desire to be eternally entwined with his love interest. Through masterful songwriting and stirring vocals, Bieber has encapsulated a love so deep, time itself can’t do it justice. This ultimately paints a portrait of a man profoundly in love.

2. Deserve You

Embodying a well-executed pop confessional, Bieber grapples with the stark contrast between his own self-perception and the view held by his lover. Despite being loved and cherished, he wrestles with feelings of being undeserving of this affection, reflecting an internal struggle that echoes his past, filled with mistakes and missteps. The recurring lines “I feel like I don’t deserve you tonight” reaffirm his emotional turmoil, encapsulating the intense insecurity gnawing at him.

Yet, amid his self-doubt, Bieber clings to love as his emotional compass, his beacon in the turmoil. Phrases like “I need you, don’t let me go” reflect his desperation and fear of being left alone in his struggle. His lyrics hint at a newfound self-awareness and the determination to change, underscored by the line, “I’m praying that I don’t go back to who I was.” Bieber serves up a raw narrative about redemption in a relationship, all set to a catchy pop melody that belies its grim introspection.

3. As I Am (feat. Khalid)

The song is a heartfelt plea for acceptance of imperfections, painting a vivid image of a man struggling with self-worth. Bieber openly discusses his insecurities, fears of rejection, and his fair share of blunders, asking to be loved just the way he is – raw and flawed. Khalid’s smooth harmony complements Bieber’s emotion-laden voice, adding a layer of depth to the lyrics.

The honesty in this track reveals Bieber’s journey with mental health, hinting at pressures of fame and constant scrutiny, which resonate deeply in a world increasingly concerned with perfection. “As I Am” is Bieber at his most vulnerable, giving listeners a rare glimpse into his innermost thoughts and emotional battles. His message is clear – love and acceptance are transformative, even if life gets “way too hard”; love can meet you in the stars, wiping away your tears. It’s a song of resilience, and resilience is often born out of vulnerability.

4. Off My Face

Our pint-sized pop prince consistently uses metaphoric substances as symbols for love’s overwhelming grasp. “Stoned,” “higher,” and “buzzed” — these aren’t just nods to illicit escapades, they’re a romantic buzz. It’s quite the lyrically clever twist. The chorus, a desperate cry of being so off his face and out of his head in love, resonates with any who’ve been helplessly lost in the throes of romance.

This track is Bieber’s confession of surrender, lost control, and even blurred vision, which, when read metaphorically, can be seen as his struggle to keep his perspective in the midst of overwhelmingly powerful emotions. It’s breathtaking to witness Justin get raw and wear his heart on his sleeve, as he treads into the uncharted territory of adult love and the emotions that come with it. This kind of lyrical candor marks a significant departure from the squeaky-clean teen pop icon we once knew.

5. Holy (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Bieber swerves away from his traditional pop elements, gravitating towards spiritual themes. The lyrics grapple with love, holiness, and faith, drawing heavily from religious imagery. Bieber’s confession about preferring the sanctity of love over religious nirvana is a bold declaration of non-conformity. The repeated phrase ‘feels so holy,’ seems to symbolize the purity and consecrated nature of Bieber’s feelings. Chance The Rapper, on his verse, serves up a swift flow full of religious undertones and pop culture references, deepening the song’s spiritual vibe. He punches in lines about faith, forgiveness, and divine endorsement, reinforcing the song’s central theme. Capturing their personal journeys of faith and love, “Holy” stands as a testament to Bieber and Chance’s evolution as artists and individuals.

6. Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)

Collaborating with young prodigy The Kid LAROI, Bieber uncovers his battle with mental health, wrestles with anxiety, and confesses moments when he felt barely able to breathe. But this track isn’t just about struggle—it’s also a love letter to steadfast support. Bieber pays homage to a figure in his life who stood by him in unstable times, acting as his rock amidst tumultuous waters and offering a solace that he himself was unable to find within.

Bieber’s vulnerability is underpinned by the acknowledgment that not all wounds bleed, pointing to the hidden battles many face. He also showcases growth, witnessing his scars and accepting them as part of his complex self-narrative. By delving into themes of self-acceptance, love, and mental health, Bieber’s “Unstable” becomes an anthem for anyone facing their personal demons, seeking solace in the knowledge that they aren’t alone.

7. MLK Interlude

Martin Luther King Jr. to take center stage. Here, no pop hooks or avant-garde production techniques find their way into the mix, rather, the potency lies in King’s inspiring monologue. Touching the nerve of Bieber’s overarching theme for ‘Justice’, King’s speech encourages listeners to find a cause worth dying for, while criticizing those who would rather turn a blind eye to justice in the name of self-preservation. Bieber’s decision to include this piece could arguably be seen as an attempt to charge the album with a socio-political undercurrent. A nod to the Black Lives Matter Movement perhaps, or an emblem of his journey toward personal maturity, either way, it’s a bold choice that decidedly stands out in the tracklist.

8. Die For You (feat. Dominic Fike)

The lyrics are steeped in expressions of unwavering commitment and passion. With lines such as “I would walk through burning fire, even if your kiss could kill me, you know I would die for you,” Bieber conveys the lengths he’d go for his beloved, affirming an enduring love that transcends physical pain and adversity. Fike’s contribution further amplifies this sentiment, reinforcing the song’s thematic commitment to love. The song exposes vulnerability, symbolizing Bieber’s evolution as an artist who isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, reflecting his willingness to dive deep into themes of romance. It’s a testament to the power of love and the pain that sometimes accompanies it. “Die for You” stands out as a profound exploration of selfless love in pop music.

9. Hold On

This track sees Bieber play the role of a supportive friend, urging his confidante to lean on him during their trying times. He employs a use of metaphors, painting stars on the ceiling, presenting a sense of understanding and shared experience – communicating that he too knows how it feels to be lost, to make mistakes, and to seek solace. He extends his hand, both literally and figuratively, promising a lifeline, a connection that will persist ‘midnight ’til morning’. There’s a sublime balance between personal introspection and universality in these lines, allowing Bieber’s own experiences to resonate with his listeners, underlining the power of empathy and the human connection. It is a testament to his evolution as a lyricist.

10. Somebody

Bieber emphasizes the universal human need for companionship, suggesting that everyone is seeking a hand to hold. Channeling a newfound maturity, he alludes to the power dynamic inherent in relationships, all the while acknowledging his own vulnerabilities.

With the mention of God in the outset and the repeated refrain of “everybody needs somebody,” Bieber taps into a widely shared sentiment, offering his own relationship as a beacon for others. Through Bieber’s eyes, his partner is not just another person but a shining ‘star’ illuminating his world. This song provides testament to the transformative power of love, showing that it can make weak individuals feel strong and inspire belief in magic.

Overall, “Somebody” strikes an emotional chord, the lyrics adeptly capturing the nuanced complexities of romantic relationships in a relatable way.

11. Ghost

The narrative thread in this song is typical Bieber—emotional, intimate, and overwrought. The lyrics unfurl Justin’s melancholy, reflecting on a deep, almost spectral longing for a departed love. This evocative exploration of yearning is framed by ‘young blood’ struggling against the inevitability of tomorrow. A notable feature is the haunting imagery embodied in “I’ll settle for the ghost of you.” Bieber’s elevating pop sensibility translates the ethereal concept of missing someone ‘more than life’ into a visceral, universal sensation. His metaphoric use of ‘memory as ecstasy’ further underscores the relentless pull of nostalgia. Simply put, “Ghost” is a tangible manifestation of Bieber’s trademark vulnerability wrapped in a sonically beautiful package.

12. Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)

The track is a lilting ode to love and location, grounding Bieber’s emotional narrative in specific geographical context. It’s flawlessly layered with quicksilver verses that place Bieber’s romantic life on the backdrop of the U.S. The expression “I got my peaches out in Georgia” is a lyrical pivot into sensory memory, evoking the raw sweetness and warmth of Southern summers. Simultaneously, “I get my weed from California” is a nod towards the state’s liberal attitude towards marijuana, symbolizing Bieber’s own journey of self-exploration. Then there’s a reference to “the North,” which we can surmise as an homage to his Canadian roots. Overall, “Peaches” is an exemplar of Bieber’s phenomenal growth as a lyricist, artfully articulating complex emotions in the context of his cross-country love journey.

13. Love You Different (feat. BEAM)

Its sizzling lyrics mirror the singer’s maturity into a man in love, recounting an experience that’s both intimate and universal. The song captures the almost indescribable feeling of finding a connection so striking that it leaves you stumbling over words and savoring every moment. The lyrics mingle with pop-infused romanticism and depict Bieber’s pledge to “love you, different” – highlighting his commitment to cherish his love interest, just the way they are. Features like “You pull up in a foreign, You that New York time, easy Sunday morning” sprinkle in some vivid imagery, painting pictures of a comfortable, easy love. Bieber’s lyrical promise of loving and respecting his significant other’s individuality marks a progression in his artistic growth and his personal journey into committed love.

14. Loved By You (feat. Burna Boy)

The narrative unfurls with Bieber reminiscing about constructing symbolic ‘castles’ for his beloved, leading into self-deprecation about his supposed inability to change and his obsessive need for love. Bieber’s vulnerability is juxtaposed starkly with Burna Boy’s verse, expressing his memories about the exhilarating chase of love in the early days of a relationship. The lyrics become both a confession and a plea, with the repetition of the line “I need to be loved by you” underscoring their unshakeable longing. The song encapsulates the emotional seesaw of love, the inexorable pull of desire, and the agony of unreturned affection. It’s a stark examination of Bieber’s continued maturation as an artist, presenting raw emotions on a platter in “Justice”.

15. Anyone

Channeling a sense of earnestness that Bieber has become known for in his later work, the lyrics ooze vulnerability as he frames a love so pure that it becomes his sole point of reference in life. He eloquently smears the canvas of this song with metaphors that describe love as a safe haven and an unpredictable journey, reminding us that the future is uncertain and all we can do is hold on. These themes echo a resonance of acceptance, sprinkled with the shimmers of fear that comes when the prospect of losing that love surfaces. Bieber deeply intertwines the importance of his love interest within the fabric of his existence, asserting strongly that without that person, there would be no one else. It’s a declaration, a testament to how deeply love can engrave itself in our lives, and how that love can become the only good thing we acknowledge.

16. Lonely (with benny blanco)

Wearing his vulnerability like a badge of honor, Bieber reveals a deeply introspective side of himself, a far cry from the teen heartthrob image he’s often been pigeon-holed with.

The lyrics are a sober reflection of a man who feels estranged in his own life – where his name and past are common fodder for the world, yet he feels alone and misunderstood. It’s a poignant cry for a human connection, a desperate grasp for understanding beyond his superstar status. “Lonely” is a raw exploration of fame’s unglamorous side, highlighting Bieber’s journey from boyhood to adulthood with a biting honesty that hits you right where it matters- the heart.