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When it comes to the contemporary pop music landscape, few artists have made a splash as notable as Troye Sivan. Bursting onto the scene with his boundary-pushing approach to pop and impeccably crafted anthems, Sivan has quickly established himself as a force to reckon with. This Australian sensation, with his husky voice and honest lyrics, has engraved a unique mark in the pop music scene, and his discography is a testament to his unabashed willingness to push boundaries. From his debut studio album, ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, which wears its heart on its sleeve, to his confessional and jubilant third studio album, ‘Bloom’, Sivan’s music has resonated with audiences worldwide.

His most recent work, ‘Something To Give Each Other’, is a testament to his continuous growth as an artist, signifying increased depth in his lyrical wisdom and a widening range in his musical horizon. These masterpieces have created some of the best Troye Sivan songs of all time.

Each album is a kaleidoscope into Sivan’s evolution, charting his journey from a breakout star to a seasoned pop virtuoso. His richness in artistry, vulnerability in storytelling, and the innate knack for creating earworms that blend the intimate with the anthemic are never amiss. So let’s get into it. From ‘Blue Neighbourhood (The Remixes)’ to ‘Something To Give Each Other’, here are the Troye Sivan’s albums ranked.

3. Blue Neighbourhood

Blue Neighbourhood (Deluxe)

Released: 2015

Label: EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd

Features: BROODS, Tkay Maidza, Betty Who, Allday, Alex Hope, XXYYXX

This debut album, released on 4th December 2015, was more than a mere musical offering; it was an unabashed expression of Sivan’s identity, an electronica-laced odyssey through the labyrinth of his own emotions. Dropping tracks like “WILD,” “YOUTH,” and “TALK ME DOWN,” Sivan’s clear-as-crystal vocals married with the album’s intricate production, creating an aural spectacle that was both ethereal and hard-hitting. The “deluxe” element transmutes the experience, adding on tracks like “BLUE,” “for him.,” and “SUBURBIA,” that delve deeper into Sivan’s psyche, unearthing raw vulnerability that left listeners breathless. In essence, “Blue Neighbourhood (Deluxe)” was more than just Sivan’s debut; it was a bold proclamation of his songwriting prowess, his emotional depth, and his unapologetic ownership of his narrative. The album signaled a new era in the pop landscape, with Sivan rightfully claiming his spot in the spotlight.

2. Bloom


Released: 2018

Label: EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd

Features: Ariana Grande, Gordi

This album plunges deeper into Sivan’s sonic and lyrical explorations, exhibiting matured artistry and elevated production. Knockout tracks like “My My My!” and the title track “Bloom” became anthems in their own right, infusing the pop sphere with their heady blend of electronica, synth-pop, and lyrical ingenuity. Sivan’s collaboration with Ariana Grande on “Dance To This” is an intoxicating slice of pop perfection, deepening the album’s allure. But it’s the raw, honest feeling in songs like “Seventeen” and “Plum” that underline the album’s strength. Sivan’s narratives of growth, love, and self-discovery are not merely sung, they are lived, making “Bloom” not just a testament to his artistic evolution, but a mirror to his journey of self-actualization. Troye Sivan, with “Bloom,” has certainly bloomed into a pop icon.

1. Something To Give Each Other

Something To Give Each Other

Released: 2023

Label: EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd

Features: Guitarricadelafuente

A masterful blend of introspective lyricism and lush soundscapes, marking a significant milestone in his artistic journey. This album sees Sivan delving deeper into themes of love, identity, and self-discovery, presenting a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

Musically, “Something To Give Each Other” is a rich tapestry of pop sensibilities fused with electronic and indie influences. Sivan’s evocative voice, known for its emotive quality, weaves through the album, creating an intimate connection with the listener. The production is polished yet experimental, featuring a mix of upbeat tracks and ballads that showcase Sivan’s versatility as an artist.

Standout tracks offer a glimpse into Sivan’s soul, resonating with fans who have followed his evolution from a YouTube sensation to a global pop icon. “Something To Give Each Other” is not just a collection of songs; it’s a journey through the complexities of the human heart, making it a significant addition to Troye Sivan’s discography.